Mini Reviews: M/M Paranormal/Urban Fantasy – Don’t Let Go, Kitto, The Magpie Lord


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In Don’t Let Go, Gideon and Lee continue to navigate their growing relationship when Gideon gets injured on the job and mysteries from Lee’s past start plaguing his present. In Kitto, Gideon and Lee go on vacation to de-stress but encounter what may or may not be a ghost, struggle with Lee’s growing psychic powers, find themselves in the middle of another mystery. In The Magpie Lord, an atypical nobleman in danger seeks the help of a magician and finds himself attracted to the impressively skilled man. Enjoy my mini reviews for these three m/m paranormal/urban fantasy books!

Don't Let Go by Harper Fox

Book Cover - Don't Let Go by Harper Fox
Title: Don't Let Go
Author: Harper Fox
Publisher: FoxTales
Series: Tyack & Frayne
Book Number: Book 3
Pages: 128
Rating: 4 stars
So far, I've enjoyed each book in this series a little more than the last. I'm getting more attached to these lovable characters and the adorable relationship they've developed. I also liked how the author portrayed realistic physical and emotional effects of getting a serious injury when Gideon got hurt, as that is a rare thing to find in books in my experience. This one had a bit more emotion and tension within the characters and their relationship. It seemed to have less focus on mystery though, and the mystery element didn't even really come into play until over halfway, but that was ok since I enjoyed the focus on the relationship and on Gideon's problems. Lee's clairvoyant/psychic abilities bring an interesting element to things sometimes. My thoughts on the audiobook narration can be found in my review of the first book. Overall, I'm glad I decided to continue this series as I'm enjoying it!

Kitto by Harper Fox

Book Cover - Kitto by Harper Fox
Title: Kitto
Author: Harper Fox
Publisher: FoxTales
Series: Tyack & Frayne
Book Number: Book 4
Pages: 123
Rating: 4.5 stars
The trend of liking each book in this series a little more than the last continues! I loved the healthiness of Gideon and Lee's relationship. I loved their communication, or at least how they tried. How they wanted to know what was bothering the other. How they wanted to discuss things, even when it was hard. How, even when they fought, they immediately wanted to make things right. How they recognized that sometimes fights would happen, but they needed to learn to talk things through rather than blowing up, because fighting was awful for both of them. It's also nice to see a portrayal of an established relationship beyond the initial romance, to see the struggles and effort they put into maintaining their relationship, to see a relationship that isn't all roses and sunshine but is still adorable and sweet. There was a plot and stuff too---I think this one had the best plot yet, actually---including some mystery and some paranormal stuff, but it was the relationship that really shone this time. I could feel the heartbreak when they fought even though I knew they'd make up, I could feel the fear and tension about things, and, most of all, I could feel the emotion and love they had for each other. My thoughts on the audiobook narration can be found in my review of the first book. Overall, these are some great characters, a great relationship, and a great series!

The Magpie Lord by KJ Charles

Book Cover - The Magpie Lord by KJ Charles
Title: The Magpie Lord
Author: KJ Charles
Publisher: KJC Books
Book Number: Book 1
Pages: 204
Rating: 4 stars

This was fun with some intense moments, great characters, playful banter, a good plot, interesting magic, writing that flowed well and drew me into the scenes, occasionally a bit of humor that made me chuckle, and lots of magpies! I loved the sexual tension and flirtiness between Lucien and Stephen. It was based more on physical/sexual attraction than deeper romantic feelings, but that works better for me than instalove (which thankfully this wasn't), and I trust that their connection will deepen over the series. And they did have a good connection. I could feel the attraction and desire/lust and potential for more. Also, it was refreshing to have a short male love interest (Stephen is 5'). The audiobook narration by Cornell Collins was great too. It sounded natural and suited the characters. Overall I really liked this start to the series!

This audiobook also includes the short story "Interlude with Tattoos" (I think the ebook does too, or you can get it for free on Smashwords), which takes place almost right after Book 1 ends. It's not necessary for the story, but it gives a touch more insight into the characters and their relationships. It was cute! The moving tattoo thing is really cool.


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  1. ShootingStarsMag

    I love when books like these have sequels or are part of a series because it’s fun to see the relationship progress past the initial fall in love stage. I want to see the actual relationship. I’m curious about The Magpie Lord. I’m pretty sure I have another book of theirs on my wish list.


  2. Greg

    I like psychic/ telepathy stuff. Glad these were all good. And I do like it when we get to see relationships grow and change after the initial romance… sometimes you don’t get that. That’s another good thing about series.

    The Magpie Lord has such a cool cover.

    1. Kristen Burns

      Even with series sometimes, the couple doesn’t get together until the end, so I really do enjoy finding those ones that show the relationship growing. I used to not be super into psychic stuff, but I’m more into it now!