Bookish News: More July/August 2019 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Releases to Get Excited About


We’re almost in August now—lots of 2019 books already behind us, but plenty more to come! Not a whole lot more for July and August though since my last upcoming releases post. I do have a few though, so here they are!

Nomad by Jamie Nash // Jul 8

Nomad by Jamie NashBlurb:

A dark sci-fi thriller in the vein of Alien or John Carpenter’s The Thing…

She wakes up drowning, escapes from a watery canister into a deathtrap of fiery corridors and exploding machinery.

Somehow, she’s in space.

She can’t remember her name or why she’s here.

Her mind is a mixed up Rubik’s cube of fuzzy memories.

But she knows that spaceships don’t exist, and if they did ordinary girls like her don’t belong on them.

And there’s something else. She’s not alone.

Someone or something lurks in the shadows.

And it wants her dead…

NOMAD is the tale of an ordinary 1980’s girl who wakes up in the middle of space opera.

My Thoughts:

I’m not usually a big thriller/horror fan, but sometimes it can combine really well with space (which can already be such a creepy setting), plus that cover is awesome!

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Sweet Dreams by Tricia Sullivan // Jul 23

Sweet Dreams by Tricia SullivaBlurb:

Tricia Sullivan returns to the genre with a page-turning, surreal high-concept science fiction that will define the conversation within the genre for years to come.

Charlie is a dreamhacker, able to enter your dreams and mold their direction. Forget that recurring nightmare about being naked in an exam–Charlie will step into your dream, bring you a dressing gown and give you the answers. In London 2022 her skills are in demand, though they still only just pay the bills.

Hired by a celebrity whose nights are haunted by a masked figure who stalks her through a bewildering and sinister landscape, Charlie hopes her star is on the rise. Then her client sleepwalks straight off a tall building, and Charlie starts to realize that these horrors are not all just a dream…

My Thoughts:

This sounds like a cool, possibly somewhat dark premise, plus there’s disability rep since the MC has narcolepsy!

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Hollow Kingdom by Kira Jane Buxton // Aug 6

Hollow Kingdom by Kira Jane BuxtonBlurb:

One pet crow fights to save humanity from an apocalypse in this uniquely hilarious debut from a genre-bending literary author.

S.T., a domesticated crow, is a bird of simple pleasures: hanging out with his owner Big Jim, trading insults with Seattle’s wild crows (those idiots), and enjoying the finest food humankind has to offer: Cheetos ®.

Then Big Jim’s eyeball falls out of his head, and S.T. starts to feel like something isn’t quite right. His most tried-and-true remedies–from beak-delivered beer to the slobbering affection of Big Jim’s loyal but dim-witted dog, Dennis–fail to cure Big Jim’s debilitating malady. S.T. is left with no choice but to abandon his old life and venture out into a wild and frightening new world with his trusty steed Dennis, where he discovers that the neighbors are devouring each other and the local wildlife is abuzz with rumors of dangerous new predators roaming Seattle. Humanity’s extinction has seemingly arrived, and the only one determined to save it is a foul-mouthed crow whose knowledge of the world around him comes from his TV-watching education.

Hollow Kingdom is a humorous, big-hearted, and boundlessly beautiful romp through the apocalypse and the world that comes after, where even a cowardly crow can become a hero.

My Thoughts:

The POV character is a crow! How cool does that sound??

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Lord of Secrets by Breanna Teintze // Aug 8

Lord of Secrets by Breanna TeintzeBlurb:

Magic is poison. Secrets are power. Death is . . . complicated.

Outlaw wizard Corcoran Gray has enough problems. He’s friendless, penniless and on the run from the tyrannical Mages’ Guild – and with the search for his imprisoned grandfather looking hopeless, his situation can’t get much worse.

So when a fugitive drops into his lap – literally – and gets them both arrested, it’s the last straw – until Gray realises that runaway slave Brix could be the key to his grandfather’s release. All he has to do is break out of prison, break into an ancient underground temple and avoid killing himself with his own magic in the process.

In theory, it’s simple enough. But as secrets unfold and loyalties shift, Gray discovers something with the power to change the nature of life and death itself.

Now Gray must find a way to protect the people he loves, but it could cost him everything, even his soul . . .

With the humour of V.E. Schwab, the scale of Trudi Canavan and the deftness of Naomi Novik, Lord of Secrets is a heartwarming fantasy novel about saving the people you love without destroying the world (or yourself).

My Thoughts:

I’m not sure if this one will be available yet in the US, but if you purchase from UK/international sites, you can still get excited! It sounds like a fun fantasy book. Plus I’ve seen it mentioned somewhere that there’s disability rep (I think the MC has epilepsy and a bad leg).

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Double-Crossing the Bridge by Sarah J. Sover // Aug 13

Double-Crossing the Bridge by Sarah J. SoverBlurb:

Rent in New Metta is through the cavern ceiling. When Granu barely survives her first gig teaching students who attempt to fillet her for lunch, the baby-eating troll ends up unemployed and facing eviction. Granu’s only prospect for income is grueling work in the tar pits. That is, until her playboy best friend devises a perfect, if suicidal, scheme—a heist!

The Covered Bridge, the largest source of income for the city, has New Metta well under hoof. In a week, TCB Corporation pulls in enough cash to buy a small country. It’s the ideal target, but security is top-notch. Granu needs three things to survive this heist: a crew of specialists, impenetrable sun protection, and gallons of grog.

There’s just one thing Granu doesn’t plan for—those damn meddling billy goats.

My Thoughts:

A troll main character! This sounds like a really fun take on trolls and a fun book in general.

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Three Days Till Dawn by R.F. Hurteau // Aug 27

Three Days Till Dawn by R.F. HurteauBlurb:

Antiquity’s Gate forced two realities to collide—what followed tore one of them apart.

Now those who remain coexist beneath the shelter of a domed Antarctic city, held together by a tenuous peace and an increasingly dystopian hierarchy. Any hope of one day leaving the confines of Sanctuary is little more than a fading ember. A mid-level systems operator, Ripley does his best to stay out of trouble. His best friend Felix, an irreverent half-breed shunned by society, can’t seem to do the same. When Felix’s family is targeted by an unjust law, there’s nowhere to run. The city of Sanctuary had once been a safe haven— now it has become a cage.

Ripley’s desperate attempt to help his friends escape tragedy uncovers a conspiracy that envelops the last refuge of mankind in an ever-tightening net.

The people of Sanctuary have never seen a sunrise.

If Ripley and Felix aren’t prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice, none of them ever will.

My Thoughts:

I have to admit, the cover for this one really pulled me in. But it also sounds like it could have some really nice friendship and a great story!

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  1. Roberta R.

    Nomad and Sweet Dreams sound like they could be up my alley. Hollow Kingdom is the coolest thing ever! but probably too gory/violent for me LOL.

    Where on earth do you find these titles? LOL. Seriously.

  2. Maxine

    Have you started Three Days Till Dawn yet? I grabbed it off NetGalley and will be starting it pretty soon. I loved the cover as well.

  3. Deborah Adams

    Sweet Dreams sounds really interesting…and I love the cover. I don’t know why but I really like covers featuring upside down cities. It’s a weird thing if mine.

  4. Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books

    I just finished the one I was most excited for (Brave The Tempest by Karen Chance) and was not in the least bit disappointed!
    I’m next looking forward to Sapphire Flames by Ilona Andrews in August.

    I think the next fantasy/UF book I’m REALLY excited for though are Annette Maries Guild Codex books. Book 5 is out in October and the sister series kicks off in September. I seriously love that world!

  5. Olivia Roach

    Nomad actually sounds like something I would really love! Especially as I have been in the mood for horror and reading all the horror books lately. And also, I really love the cover of Three Days Till Dawn, like you. It is what attracted me at first. I’m always down for sci-fi as well, so Sweet Dreams caught my eye.