As of right now, I don’t have an art account anywhere, so this is just a way to collect all the art I’ve shared in one place. Each image below links to the blog post where it was shared, so that you can see the full thing. Sometimes I also talk about the idea or share fun facts (usually about sea creatures), and there’s alt text with full description for the more recent ones. A couple are in spoiler tags in the post, so check for that if you don’t see them right away. Some of these will link to the same post. New art is at the top!

I also have some prints you can buy, if anyone is interested!

Sun Haven Twelfth NightFrankenstein KissZomboid Fanart ColeLovestruck CyclopsMoth DemonPink Hair VampireJacovine Vampire BiteOyster MermanMerman Watching the SunsetSea Turtle MermanFaerie DreamsCupid the Reindeer CentaurDancing Flower ManHorny ElfGolden DemonStarfish MermanRudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer CentaurCowfish MermanVampire SelfieStingray MermenPixie GuyMonster Prom - Interdimensional PrinceJacovine SmutMonster Under the BedSunflower FriendPunk Half-UnicornDancing Half UnicornMerman on a BudgetVampire MermanMermaid GirlfriendsShark MermanDeep Sea MermanMonster Prom - LiamFallen AngelMatthew and Elliott DancingLevine PortraitJacobin Portrait

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