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*Note: This post was written in 2017 before I knew about JK Rowling’s trans-exclusionary views and the harm her tweets, articles, etc. are bringing to trans people, their safety, and their rights. I no longer support or promote Rowling, but I’m leaving this post up because it’s a series that still means a lot to many people who have already read it. Leaving it up also gives me a chance to say all this and spread more awareness to anyone who may not know. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, I encourage you to do some research about Rowling’s views and listen to trans people about why her views are so harmful. The links I provided might be good starting points. I also encourage you to find diverse works by diverse authors and perhaps support and promote those instead!*

So I saw this tag over at A Dance With Books, and it looked like so much fun I couldn’t resist. It was originally created by The Writing Hufflepuff, and what you do is choose four books, then you use those books to answer the questions. (I recommend choosing books before you even look at the questions, that’s what I did, and I think it’s more fun that way!)

Anyway, here’s my Harry Potter life! And as usual, everyone feel free to tag yourselves 🙂

My Books:

1. Steal the Light by Lexi Blake
2. Starflight by Melissa Landers
3. Withered + Sere by TJ Klune
4. Girl on a Wire by Gwenda Bond

Steal the Light by Lexi Blake | reading, books
Starflight by Melissa Landers | reading, books
Withered + Sere by TJ Klune | reading, books
Girl on a Wire by Gwenda Bond | reading, books

My Answers:

1. Your Wand – Open book 1 at a random page. The first noun you see will be what your wand is made of.

Eyes? My wand is made of eyes?! Oh no. No no no no no. I’m not ok with this. Can it be googly eyes or something instead? I mean, no one would ever take me seriously with a googly-eye wand, but maybe I could use that to my advantage because people would underestimate me and then I’d surprise them. Or if I’m going to have to suffer through the utter disgustingness of an eye wand, can it at least have the special ability to “see” things that I can’t? Like a crystal ball or something?

2. Your Pet – Does book 2 have animals? One of those animals will now be your pet. If the book doesn’t have any animals, then I’m sorry but your pet-less.

At first I got sad because I couldn’t think of any animals in this book, but then I remembered the crew does in fact have a sugar glider as a pet! And I do love pet rodents. I’d be happy with a sugar glider.

3. Your Hogwarts House – Open book 3 at a random page. Whatever House you’d think the character’s name you first see belongs to, is your House (woah that’s a weird sentence, hope that made sense).

Why oh why did I have to pick Withered + Sere as my third book? I mean, if it had been the second book, I could’ve had a really awesome dog as a pet. If it had been the first, maybe my wand would be made of something better than eyes. Knowing how much violence is in this book, it would’ve probably been blood or something, but even that’s better than eyes. But no, of course I gotta choose it third, and this is the book with all the sociopaths. But they all kinda redeemed themselves in the end… Anyway, I have no idea what House Cavalo would be in. By the end of the book he was pretty brave though and looked out for and helped everyone… I’ll just go with Gryffindor (even though I’m actually a Ravenclaw).

4. Make Your Golden Trio Complete – Open book 4 at a random page. The first two names will be your best friends and complete your squad. If there’s only one name at said page, open another random page.

Oh, thank goodness I picked a book with decent characters for this one. I got Remy and Jules which means I would unfortunately end up being a third wheel, but they’re good people and they’re circus people, so we’d have that in common 😉 Plus Remy does flying trapeze, and I’ve always wanted to learn that!

5. Your Head of House – Open book 1 at a random page. The first name you’ll see will be your Head of House.

Ok, well, the first name was literally some random stranger who was in one scene whose friend just happened to say his name, and then he was killed. So I went with the second name I came across, which was Daniel, and he would make a great Head of House because he’s like a born leader.

6. Your ‘Draco Malfoy’ – Naturally you’ll need your arch nemesis/school rival. Open book 2 at a random page, the first name you’ll see will be your enemy.

Doran. Well, I liked him, so I don’t really want him as my enemy. But considering he was apparently a bully to Solara when they were high school, I guess I can see him playing that role well.

7. Your Patronus – Open book 3 at a random page. The first living creature you’ll see will be your Patronus.

Ummm, this isn’t gonna work so well. They live in a desolate, barren, post-apocalyptic world, not a whole lot of living things other than people and Cavalo’s dog, Bad Dog. And SIRS, if you count him, but he’s a robot. I did come across Mr. Fluff though, a stuffed animal rabbit, so I guess that could be my patronus?

8. Will You Win the House Cup? – How many pages does book 4 have? That’s how many points you’ll House have at the end of the school year. If the book has more than 400 pages it will have won the Cup, congrats!

Damn it! 386 pages. So close.


Talk to me!

Are you equally as horrified as I am about using a wand made of eyes?!?!
What Harry Potter House are you in?
If you do the tag, be sure to leave a link so I can come see your answers!


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  1. Greg

    This is fun. Ooh an eye wand- creepy. And Acorn- he was cute. Good pet. 🙂

    And Doran? Nice- he would be a good nemesis, especially his old self. He was pretty rough on Solara.

    I’m not sure wha a Patronus is- like a familiar or patron animal? This could be interesting. And… I have no idea what House I’m in? I think I took a quiz once but I don’t remember what I got…

    1. Kristen Burns

      Not creepy! Horrifying! Would YOU want to touch a wand made of eyes?! Like, touching my own eye to put in a contact is one thing, but just… rogue eyeballs? No thank you lol.

      Acorn would be a cute pet though, and yeah, Doran could totally fit the role of nemesis if we go with his old self!

      A patronus is a magical thing that keeps the dementors (the scary things that suck the life out of people or whatever) away, and they take the form of an animal. The Pottermore quiz really doesn’t seem that great to me. The questions are just weird. It got me right the first time I took it, then they changed it something and it got me wrong the second time.

      1. Greg

        Rogue eyeballs. that about says it all. But imagine how feared you would be? I mean, a wand of eyeballs??? I’d only do it if there were like a handle- I’m not doing a wand made ENTIRELY of eyes, because yeah… gross.

        I think I’ve had several different results lol. But I love quizzes so if I see one…

        1. Kristen Burns

          Lol. That’s true, if it was real eye balls, people might just think I was crazy, and crazy people are always the dangerous ones 😛 That’s true, if there were a handle, that would make it at least less bad…

  2. Michelle @ FaerieFits

    AHAHAHAHAHA! I’m actually ridiculously glad Withered + Sere was your #3 book 😛 Though I agree, I’m not sure what house I would put Cavalo in. For your patronus, you COULD have gotten the mutated deer from the beginning. It WAS alive … at one point. But aren’t you glad it wasn’t your 4th book? You options for best friends would have been rather -ahem- limited (though SIRS would have been a GREAT option).

    Also — Hi! I exist again; it’s been a while 🙂

    1. Kristen Burns

      You make a good point, I should just be glad I chose it for #3 instead of #4. As much as I love Lucas and Cavalo, I’m not so sure I want them as my best friends lol. Actually, I also really don’t want them as my enemies. Turns out #3 was probably a good spot for that book! Though I think I’ll stick with Mr. Fluff over the mutated, tumor-riddled deer lol.

      And YAY!!! I’m glad you’re back!!!

    1. Kristen Burns

      It’s absolutely disgusting. At least I’d never have to worry about anyone *stealing* my wand lol. Mr. Fluff wouldn’t be particularly threatening, although maybe he could help further ward off the dementors with cuteness!

  3. Luna & Saturn

    This is such a fun post! A wand made of eyes – yep, definitely creepy. We’d never get on your bad side (wouldn’t want our eyes to be a part of your wand). Ah, number 8. You were so close. We’d probably just pick a Game of Thrones book to win. :):):) Love this tag!!!!
    ~ Pendragons 

    1. Kristen Burns

      Thanks! And yes, the eye wand is horrifying lol. Though I never even thought about adding the eyes of people who get on my bad side to my wand, I could be the most feared wizard in the land 😉

    1. Kristen Burns

      It’s terrible, haha. Of course of all the nouns in the world, eyes would be the one I end up with. I can see how this tag probably wouldn’t be as fun if you haven’t read the books though.

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  5. Bookworm Brandee

    This was FUN! A wand made of eyes…you know, people would take you *very* seriously if you had a wand made of eyes! 😉 And a sugar glider for a pet? Fantastic! Thanks for sharing this, Kristen!

    1. Kristen Burns

      Someone else mentioned not getting on my bad side since they wouldn’t want their eyes to end up in my wand, so maybe it does have its merits, haha. I’d love a sugar glider as a pet though!

  6. Dragonfly @ Our Familiarium

    well that would be one all seeing eye wand I guess. And you always post creepy stuff here so it would be perrrrrrfect!
    Sugar gliders are cute, I guess. But they are pets. NO PETS. NO PETS. NO PETS. Not even in Harry Potter life tags. Your pet less life is perfect. Unless.. did you adopt the ants already ? 😛
    ohhhh K. What kinda HP fan are u??? sociopaths. belong in slytherin, redeemed or not. SMH!
    Though Daniel would be then too sweet of a name for slytherin smh
    two circus people in a goden trio. Then it ain’t golden anymore.
    Ok. I’m off to your other posts!

    1. Kristen Burns

      Yeah if it were all seeing, then at least I’d get some sort of benefit from having to touch eyes lol.

      Wait, what? Why can’t I have pets??! I am not going to have ants as my wizarding pets! They’re useless and will just get eaten by the other pets.

      Not everyone is Slytherin is a sociopath! I’m sticking with my choice of Gryffindor. Although, if I had to choose a house for the Daniel character, it’d be a little iffy between Gryff and Slytherin lol.

      Now you’re insulting circus people too?! But I’m a circus people! Or I used to be, so close enough! 😛

  7. Briana @ Pages Unbound

    Wow, you got really unlucky with the wand made of eyes! But maybe it could be worse. At least eyes sound kind of powerful and magical. I might be more disappointed if I had a plastic wand. It’d seem fake!

  8. Annemieke

    Oooh eyes as a wand is so creepy. Having a stuffed animal rabbit as a patronus would be interesting, haha.

    It is so much fun to see everyone’s answers to this. 😀

  9. Lola

    What a fun idea for a tag. We actually started re-watching the harry Potter movies last week and are halfway through the first movie. I agree a wand made from eyes does sound strange, that just sounds creepy.

    I never had heard of a sugar glider before, so I thought it was an alien pet at first, then i googled it and realized it was a real animal after al. they sure look cute. I like rodents, so a sugar glider seems pretty cool to have as a pet.

    Your best friends sound kinda nice even though you didn’t end up in the house you belong too. Your third book seems to be a difficult one for this tag, but a bunny as partronus is cute at least. More than 400 books, no matter which book I had picked I probably would lose that as I rarely read a book over 400 pages long.

    1. Kristen Burns

      I haven’t seen the movies, only read the books. But I seriously do not want an eye wand lol.

      Yep, they’re real animals! I think I’ve seen them in pet stores… or maybe I knew someone who had one… I don’t remember, but I know I’ve seen them as pets in real life. And you and I both like rodents, so a sugar glider would be a good pet for us 😛

      Yeah I chose books before I even read the questions, and I figured W+S might make for something interesting, but it did end up being difficult. I think the majority of books I read about less than 400 pages, but I do read some above that. Unfortunately not the one I chose for that question, haha.

  10. La La in the Library

    Yay for the Harry Potter tag! Sorry I haven’t been around in a while. Blog commenting became overwhelming, but I did get my hops pared down to a “managable” number (I think). Right now I am going around comment vomiting on blogs to marginally catch up, and then I hope the little commenting page I made myself with links will help me comment in a more timely fashion. Ha ha.

    I love the eyes wand idea! And yes I think seeing into the future with it is something it would do, or remote seeing. That would be great, too. If the stuffed bunny is like the toy rabbit in the Mimzy movie, which I loved, it would be wonderful.

    I am glad you used Girl On a Wire, I had wanted to read that book and I don’t think I added it to Goodeads. I am going to add this link to the bottom of my HP Life tag. 🙂

    1. Kristen Burns

      No worries, I’m still trying to figure out a good way to stay on top of commenting myself, especially since I’m not sure bloglovin is showing me every post :-/

      Eww no, you have my eye wand, I’ll trade you lol.

      Yay, glad I could remind you of Girl on a Wire! It’s a great book 🙂

  11. Anonymous

    woah. I have seen many times where someone is actually a *Ravenclaw* but they like gryffindor. ;P . i am also a ravenclaw…

    1. Anonymous

      I did it now. My first was- The Exiles 2-The Faerie Prince 3-The Everafter Wish by Rachel Morgan -Deathly Hallows ;-P . So it seems my wand is made of books…. Yay me!! perhaps it will give me whatever book i want to read. Then my pet turned out to be Filigree. Cool.
      Then I think Elle Winter would be a gryffindor. tho i am a ravenclaw.
      my Trio turned out to be Hermione and Ginny. Awesome….
      Ruth. i am not sure if she wld be a good head.
      Zell. Yeah He is my arch-nemesis definitely.
      A Pixie?!?! NO WAY. So i remembered a cat in it so thats mine.
      Ok Deathly hallows has 616 pages . so the House cup belongs to me, Not Slytherns!
      BTW I Love ur blog posts.
      PS- I am sorta young , in the start of YA Books phase.

      1. Kristen

        A book wand sounds perfect! Filigree is a great pet and Hermione and Ginny would be a great too. You got so many perfect answers!

        Aww thanks, I’m glad you like my posts! Not everything I review here is YA, but there’s so much great selection out there, I hope you’re finding some great books!