Sims Shenanigans: Introducing My Supernatural Sims House


Some of you have said you want to know more about my supernatural Sims house, and I am admittedly a little bit obsessed with it at the moment, so I thought I’d make a post to tell you all about my sims and their shenanigans!

The Sims

This is Levine, the avant-garde, virtuoso vampire.

This is Jacobin, the flirty, charismatic witch/alchemist.

This is a Matthew, the emotional, “social butterfly” faerie.

This is a Elliott, the hot-headed but lovably excitable werewolf.

This is a Alim, the brooding, artistic genie.

And this is Jackson, the loner but good-hearted ghost.

The Shenanigans

Now, normally I only play with one or two sims, and I’m a total micromanager. I rarely let my sims do anything without my permission. But with these guys, I didn’t even know what I wanted to do with them, there are just too many to micromanage, and I kinda just wanted to see what they would get up to.

Within one day, two of them managed to become friends and then, when I left them alone for like one sim hour, they got into a fight and went back to not being friends. The genie was hit on by both the ghost and the witch. I took the vampire to a vampire bar for a few hours, and, when I checked back on the rest at the house, three of them were actually being well behaved and having a conversation, one of them was practically starved because he still hadn’t eaten, and one of them was “contemplating the meaning of meaning.” No, that wasn’t a typo.

The second day, the vampire apparently got temporarily “lunacy” (a play on “lunar”) from studying supernaturals too long in the special library archives, so he just randomly went and slapped the werewolf and then changed into his winter wear to take a bath. The only thing that saved the slap from escalating into a full-blown fight between a vampire and a hot-headed werewolf (other than me stopping my sims if I wanted to) was that most of the sims in the household didn’t know the vampire well and were too terrified of him to engage him in social interactions. But then, after getting my vampire into the bath, I discovered the werewolf somehow managed to insult the faerie. I feel like this poor guy doesn’t mean to insult people, he’s just kinda socially awkward and does it accidentally. You should see how sad and confused he looks whenever anyone calls him out on his behavior. Later, the werewolf got so hungry while he was out that he just took out the raw hotdogs he bought at the grocery store and went to town on them in the middle of an alchemy shop.

Other weird things that have happened:

– My faerie sim LOVES to dance. Every time I leave him on his own, I find him dancing.

– Found my werewolf sim during the full moon watching a hedgehog in the park. I didn’t even know there were hedgehogs in TS3. I was afraid he might eat it, but it turns out they can’t do that. I have since discovered that he just really likes watching small animals.

– My werewolf sim sniffed a vampire who was watching him. Then he growled at him. Then he implied his mother was a chupacabra. I may have told him to do those things. He also keeps wanting to fight a vampire, so I was gonna let him, but this particular vampire was pathetic and peed himself and fainted as soon my werewolf threatened him -_-

– Every time my vampire starts playing guitar or violin, all the other sims in the house gather round to listen. It’s kind of adorable.

– Found my flirty witch winking at another sim. Didn’t know sims could wink. I don’t have a picture of that, but here’s just a random photo of him. Who’s my gorgeous witch? YOU ARE. YOU’RE MY GORGEOUS WITCH. *whispers* I think he might be the most gorgeous sim I’ve ever created, guys.

– A stray cat somehow got into the house and just decided to stay.

– This is how my werewolf eats when he’s in werewolf form. Don’t ask me why he’s naked because I don’t know. (Sometimes there are just funny glitches. And for any parents out there, don’t worry, there’s normally a blur over naked Sims, but I have a mod that removes it because it’s annoying, and Sims just look like Barbie and Ken dolls anyway.)

Since those first few days, things have calmed down a bit, and I’ve gotten a little better at playing six sims. Buuuut, I have a new contender in the OTP competition! The werewolf and the faerie have ended up in a relationship, and aren’t they just gosh darn ADORABLE?! Elliott + Matthew 5ever <3

Also, the vampire and the witch are totally into each other, but I haven’t even let them kiss yet because I’m building the tension 😉 Just lots of flirting for now, some middle of the night library not-dates-but-totally-kind-of-dates, and I had to stop them when they almost tried to sleep together once. (What can I say, Jacobin just does not appreciate the fun of slow-burning sexual tension, but I’m going to make him learn to appreciate it.) But Jacobin did give Levine a potion that allowed him to go out in the sun for the day so they could go to the summer festival together, which, come on, adorable. And Levine does feed from Jacobin sometimes, and then Jacobin makes this face, so… It’s gonna happen! TEAM JACOVINE 4 LYF.

All the supernaturals have unique interactions and abilities, but so far the werewolf has proven to have the funniest ones (he also scratches furniture lol). And that’s about it for now! Maybe some more interesting things will happen whenever my tennis elbow heals enough to play again. And maybe I’ll write some of those short stories I said I’d write since I love these guys so much more than I anticipated!

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Do you play The Sims? (If so, TS1, TS2, TS3, or TS4?)
Which sim in my household is your favorite?
#OTP Elliot + Matthew 5ever?
#OTP Jacovine 4 LYF?


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  1. Olivia Roach

    OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE THIS. They seem so real. I think it’s seriously epic that Sims have progressed enough to reach supernatural elements. You have so many different types of supernatural beings in this house. Oh, and the fact that the werewolf just loves to watch little animals? That’s so cute D: And the faerie always dancing. I love it 😀

    1. Kristen Burns

      In my head, they are so real lol. I agree, it’s amazing how much The Sims has progressed over the years! And gah, I think it’s adorable that he loves watching small animals. I don’t know if that’s a werewolf thing, or if it’s because of one of his traits, or if it’s just unique to him lol. And the dancing is too funny!

  2. Dragonfly @ Our Familiarium

    Yay thanks for sharing!
    Ok I’m already in love with Elliot. I have a huge weakness for and excitable and hot-headed AND.. always team werewolf! Always! I’ve always been a dog person LOL [you gotta get rid of the fairy please! Elliot is mine!]
    You are such a Taurus! LOL Your “I rarely let my sims do anything without my permission.” reminded me of growing up with my Taurus mom. HOLY SH$#$ You an only imagine how that went 😀
    but I guess that was the way to go since that idiot of Levine slapped Elliot??? WTH??? Glad you let Elliot get at him! pfff chicken anyways! peeing himself. Aww See Elliot is adorable. An animal lover 🙂 [when are you getting rid of that fairy????]

    1. Kristen Burns

      Hehe glad you like it.

      Hate to tell you this, but Elliott may be a wolf, but he is totally a cat person 😉 Or maybe a hedgehog person, haha. And I’m not getting rid of Matthew! Matthew is adorable!

      Levine wasn’t the vampire who peed himself, that was just some random vampire who lives in the town, but I KNEW you weren’t going to let me live it down that a vampire peed himself in my game lol.

  3. kris @ lemon-notes

    UM OKAY WHEN I SAW THIS POST POP UP I LITERALLY STARTED GIGGLING AND SHRIEKING LIKE A WEIRDO BECAUSE I WAS SO EXCITED. I love all of them. Every single one. This should be a book. I SHIP ALL OF THEM OMG BUT JACOVINE AND THE TENSION OMG. I’m literally fangirling over your sims right now.
    They’re all so gorgeous. Like, HOLY PLUMS. Also, I love the fact that a stray cat wandered in and just happened to stay. I feel like it symbolizes what your supernatural sims house is! 😛
    I love when the sims get metaphysical, thinking about the meaning of meaning. Like, okay, trust me I’ve done this (in my own brain, that is), AND I WONDER IF YOUR SIMS CAN GET EXISTENTIAL CRISES??? ugh. I’m at a loss here. BUT IT’S A GOOD LOSS I LOVE IT SO MUCH I LOOOOOVE LOVE IT.
    Thank heavens you actually decided to write a post on this, it made my whole entire day!!! 😀

    1. Kristen Burns


      You understand what I’m going through because I am also fangirling over my own sims. And I’m glad someone else appreciates Jacovine because Elliott and Matthew are adorable, but Levine and Jacobin strike me as the more angsty, passionate ones. It’s funny though because I didn’t have plans for any of them to date when I started, but I think there’s some sort of glitch in my game or something in which all my recent sims have been bisexual (I have a mod that lets me find out their sexuality), so all this dating just sort of happened lol.

      Gah, they are gorgeous, right? I can’t help myself. I like making pretty sims 😛 And you mean like that they’re all strays? I kind of feel that way too. Like, my mind semi-concocted some sort of backstory like that they’re all kind of the misfits in their species but now they have each other <3

      Two of them have the brooding trait, so yeah they do things like metaphysical thinking and existential crisising and starting out windows with a solemn face for hours lol.

  4. Dina

    UH, the witch is very beautiful. I was kind of unsure about the werewolf because he wants to fight a vampire. But, maybe he just wants to do it once and let it go. So, there is two ships going on right now. Hmm. Is anything possible with the ghost? I wanted to learn more about him.

    1. Kristen Burns

      I felt that way too. Since he’s hotheaded, maybe he just needs to get the fight out of his system, like he just wants to see who can win in a werewolf vs vampire fight lol.

      So far, I’ve found the ghost and the genie to be the least exciting, but maybe I just need to give them more of a chance, so I’m not giving up on them yet!

  5. Cristina @ Girl in the Pages

    This is so fun! I used to play the sims a lot (1&2) but when 3 came out I found the format so different I never really got into it (plus I was tired of re-buying all of the expansion packs lol). I can’t wait to hear about more of your sims’ adventures!

    1. Kristen Burns

      I actually love the open world of the Sims 3, that’s why I haven’t started playing The Sims 4 yet. Also because if you wait, you can get the expansion packs for cheaper lol.

  6. Greg

    I think with supernaturals I’d want them to do their thing even IF I knew what to do with ’em- because serendipity and all that. I’d want to see what their programming quirks were. 🙂 They actually have vamp bars? And alchemy shops. Damn. And see that werewolf thing is what I’m talking about- he’s just randomly chilling with a hedgehog. Who would know???

    The werewolf apparently likes waffles. Naked. I think my favorite is Levine plus he has a pool table in his picture (you have a pool table i their house?!?) but if I have to pick an OTP I’m going with team Elliot + Matthew 5ever or as I would say Matthiot. I like their vibe- you got the hothead wolf and the dreamy faerie dude. How could you not??

    The cat is a nice touch. They all need a pet. I can see a fish tank in there too- nice glow at night.

    1. Kristen Burns

      Exactly! I wanted to see what kind of quirks and things the different supernaturals have.

      Oh my gosh, you should see the vampire bar. I almost posted a picture. It’s so vampire cliche that is actually awesome. It’s so decadent, everything is red and dark colors, the lighting is red, even the uniforms for the bartenders are red and black and the female’s wearing fishnets and a corset lol.

      The pool table is actually at the vampire bar, but Levine is too funny. I couldn’t help but make him a bit of a stereotype.

      Oh, Matthiott, that’s perfect! I tried to think of a combo name for them but I’m so bad at thinking of those lol. They do have a really sweet vibe.

  7. Lola

    I have played the Sims in the past and always enjoyed it and heavily played it for days and then all but forgot about it. Strange how that works. I do like how the most random situations can occur in the sims sometimes, but you also have to pay a lot of attention as so easily things can go wrong too. I know I had a few fires in my sims houses and those could be very nasty and people died if you didn’t stop it in time.

    I really enjoyed reading about your sims, it’s so interesting, like they all have their own lives and stories there in that game. Also that’s one thing I like about games, it’s just another way to experience stories. I haven’t gamed since I lost my internet a few weeks ago, I really should try and make time for it more.

    I liked all the pictures of your sims and how they are becoming friends and couples with each other or how they are a bit afraid of the vampire at first. It was fun to read, so I hope you do more sims posts in the future! I’ve never played the sims with paranormal, although i did once play a historical/ magic version i think?

    1. Kristen Burns

      The Sims is definitely one of those games where you either play all day everyday or not at all lol.

      I feel like I never really realized until I started this house how similar playing The Sims is to reading in that, like you said, it’s another way to experience stories. I mean, these Sims are like characters to me now.

      I don’t know why they’re all so afraid of the vampire! Literally they have a negative moodlet, and they will not interact with him even if I tell them to. He has to interact with them, until they become friends, and then they stop being afraid.

      Thanks! I know that in The Sims one they had a magic expansion pack, but I can’t remember the Sims 2. So yeah, you probably have played some sort of magic expansion!

  8. Danya @ Fine Print

    I AM SCREAMING. This post is both hilarious and amazing? Like, of course Levine is a virtuoso because his name is Levine. The still of Matthew and Elliot kissing and taking a selfie is hysterical but also so lifelike. Is this why people love Sims so much?? Because if so, I totally get it. I’m 100% Jacovine 4 lyf.

    1. Kristen Burns

      I have to admit, I kind of love having my Sims take selfies because of how hilariously lifelike it is lol. And yes, that is totally part of the reason I love playing. Sometimes it amazes me how realistic they are, and other times it just makes me laugh how ridiculous they are. And yay, another Jacovine fan!

  9. Wren

    “contemplating the meaning of meaning.” that is great haha! I love sims, but I haven’t played it for years! I used to play it with my friend but then I moved away. My computer can’t run it but I’m going to try to get my boyfriend to download it on his laptop. Personally, I loved creating my own characters from my stories on the sims! It helped me to visualize them.

    Also your sims’ relationships are so adorable!

    1. Kristen Burns

      Some of the stuff that happens in it game is so ridiculous it’s funny lol. I never realized until now how helpful it could be with writing characters!

  10. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    I love your sim household. They’re all so cute! And I love you’ve got couples going on. I don’t have the patience for a slowburn romance in sims. I pair them up and get them popping ou babies or working on their careers once I’ve sorted out their romantic needs. I always find the romance sims the hardest to play as they want to sleep with like all the sims and I kind of struggle having the patience to build up that kind of relationship. Did you know there are mermaids on TS3 as well? I only learnt this the other day and I so want to play but I kind of can’t justify buying all the EPs to have an awesome supernatural neighbourhood.

    I normally play TS2 ever since they gave it away free (yes, I got all the games for free! I hope they do that with TS3 one day) but I’ve started playing a little of TS4. My computer doesn’t like it as much, it is way more demanding than TS2 but it’s fun. I love how much you can change on TS3 and TS4 and the sim designer on TS4 is brilliant. I often spend more time making sims than playing them. Like on TS2 I spend more time building houses than playing when the mood takes me.

    1. Kristen Burns

      LOL I didn’t even plan to have couples, it just kind of ended up that way. I guess I don’t normally do slow burns either, but I do let them date around sometimes in order to find the right person. And my sims don’t have babies. Actually, I recently for the first time that one of my couples in The Sims 3 have kids because I was bored and wanted to try something new. They ended up with twins -_- Lol.

      I tried the Sims 4 base game once (I couldn’t help but buy it when it came out), but I haven’t actually played it enough to know what it’s like. But huh, I just realized I used to like building more, whereas now I seem to prefer playing. Maybe it is just a mood thing, or maybe it just depends on finding the right Sims!

    2. Kristen Burns

      Oh, I totally forgot to respond to the mermaid question! I was actually considering adding a merman to the house (it’s not available in CAS, so I’d have to find one or cheat or use a reward or whatever), but idk if I will since I think pretty much all their interesting stuff is like swimming fast and being able to stay underwater for a long time and I think maybe calling the Kraken or something. But the world I’m playing in doesn’t have any scuba spots and barely even has water. Also, funny story, I literally only bought the supernatural pack because I wanted the items and I got it for like $10, and now I love it lol.

      1. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

        See, I play my game like a legacy. I like to create the huge family and then try and fill a neighbourhood with the offspring. It’s quite fun although I do get bored sometimes. I do think mermaids probably wouldn’t work if you’ve not really got water and such. I’m not totally sure how you get them, I just saw on someone else’s game they had mermaids and I was jealous. I am now sat here contemplating buying the supernatural pack for sims 3 and going a little wild.


    This is awesome and makes me totally miss playing the Sims, the last one I bought was TS3 but I always feel my laptop lets me down by being so slow on the whole reticulating splines loading pages! When my fairy godmother buys me a MacBook I may treat myself to TS4, I love SimCity too ever since I bought the original way back when!! So glad you are having fun with this!!

    1. Kristen Burns

      It takes like half an hour for my game to load, and then it lags the whole time, but I deal with it since it’s the only way I get to play lol. I’m not in any rush to start playing TS4 though. I’m still enjoying TS3, and I’m going to miss the open world. Thanks!

  12. ioana @dragonwaffles

    Omg i now need all of the Jacovine updates. ALL OF THEM. I need more of this adorableness.
    Also I deeply relate to the werewolf. Aggressively eating waffles and being socially awkward? Poor guy we have all been there.
    They all seem like huge dorks with powers tbh. I got more attached to them then to most protagonists these days.
    *squeals over supernatural nerds*

    1. Kristen Burns

      It’s going to be epic when they finally get together! Lol 😛

      Hahahaha you cracked me up. But really, who hasn’t aggressively eaten waffles at one point or another? 😉

  13. Jessica

    Many years ago I had a SIMS game. But I think I lost in moving. Then facebook had a SIMS game, but I couldn’t get my Sim to do what I wanted. That’s a cool household you have.