Important Announcement: New URL


Hey everyone!

This is a post to let all my followers know I’m changing from to

It’s the exact same blog, just a different web address!

I’ve transferred my WordPress, email, and Bloglovin followers already, so those should be good, but some of you may use Feedly or other methods. So please check whatever method you use to see if it’s using my new URL and that new posts are showing up after this one. Here are some links to the new feeds, if you need them:

WordPress | Bloglovin | Feedly | RSS

Very soon, links will be automatically redirected to this new URL, but I may not keep the old URL forever. I don’t expect anyone to update every link you’ve ever shared to my blog! But if you have any important links that you don’t want to potentially end up broken (e.g. links to my homepage in your sidebar, links to my Books with Disabilities list, links on your website to my reviews if you’re an author), I’d suggest updating them.

I don’t know yet if old links will lead to their specific posts on the new site. I don’t know if or when I’ll be moving around domains and/or hosting, or if it’ll cause any downtime or temporary problems. But the new URL (this one that you’re currently on) is up and running, so please visit this one from now on! If anything goes wrong or doesn’t work right though, you’ll know why.

Thanks for putting up with any weird stuff that happens while I do all this!


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If you wanna leave a comment just to let me know you're following me at this new URL, I'd like that!


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