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I’m back with more first lines of books! As I have said many times, I don’t think the first line is the most important. I don’t think most people are going to stop reading if the first line isn’t amazing. But I still think it can be fun and interesting to look at them. And I think an interesting one presented without context in a post like this might grab someone’s attention enough to try a book. So I tried to find lines that have at least a little bit of intrigue. Just enough to make the reader wonder what’s going on or want to know more.

I don’t have the energy to link to each individual Amazon page, but here is my affiliate link to Amazon in general you can use if you’re interested in buying one of these. It would help me out, at no extra cost to you!

If I See You Again Tomorrow by Robbie CouchThe Wicked Bargain by Gabe Cole NovoaRoad Seven by Keith RossonThe Immortal Navigator: The Siren's Call by M.D. YoungOf the Wild by E. Wambheim

If I See You Again Tomorrow by Robbie Couch

[ My Review ]

I’m about to tell my therapist something that I’ve never told anyone before.

The Wicked Bargain by Gabe Cole Novoa

Papá says the water speaks to those willing to listen.

Road Seven by Keith Rosson

It was a help wanted ad from a monster hunter.

The Immortal Navigator: The Siren’s Call by M.D. Young

[ My Review ]

It was as if Sunshine itself shied away from it.

Of the Wild by E. Wambheim

Quiet now, his earlier wailing no more than an echo, the infant cradled in Aeris’s arms gazed up, unblinking, at the myriad of faces peering down at him.

The Seventh Mansion by Maryse MeijerSorrow's Forest by Kaitlin CorvusPrelude for Lost Souls by Helene DunbarSword Dance by A.J. DemasMerry & Sprite by Dani Lakely

The Seventh Mansion by Maryse Meijer

[ My Review ]

You are on the road or parts of you are on the road you are in two pieces.

(Just for the record, I did not make a typo. The writing style in this book is just unique.)

Sorrow’s Forest by Kaitlin Corvus

[ My Review ]

Life is full of hard truths and soft lies.

Catch and Release by Isabel Murray

[ My Review ]

“The fuck is it?” Jerry said.

Sword Dance by A.J. Demas

[ My Review ]

The last leg of the journey down to the villa would indeed have been easier on a mule.

Merry & Sprite by Dani Lakely

[ My Review ]

Everything is going according to plan until the electric organ kicks in.

I’ve read all these books, so I know what all of these are referring to already and might be a bit biased. But… Road Seven has an opening line that’s intriguing in a really fun way. Who doesn’t want to know more about a help wanted ad from a monster hunter? The Immortal Navigator opening line is intriguing in a completely different, more ominous way. The Seventh Mansion one is interesting just for how unusual the writing is. The Sorrow’s Forest opener has a great little use of words with hard and soft and sets a certain tone. Catch and Release and Merry & Sprite have opening lines that feel more light and silly. The Wicked Bargain makes you wonder about magic in the world and if listening to the water is meant literally. And the rest may have smaller mysteries (What’s he going to tell his therapist? What’s going on with this baby? Why would a mule have been better?), but they still give a little something to wonder about nonetheless. I also think all of the lines in this post fit their books, which is ultimately the most important thing!

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