Short Story Review: Careened (Baal’s Heart Book 3.5) by Bey Deckard [Audiobook]

Jon, Tom, and Baltsaros are spending Winter in Madierus, but Jon is still struggling emotionally, having nightmares, and pulling away from Tom and Baltsaros. To try and fix things, both Tom and Jon decide to surprise each other with some holiday celebration.

Short Story Review: Careened (Baal's Heart Book 3.5) by Bey Deckard
Title: Careened: Winter Solstice in Madierus
Book Number: Book 3.5
Pages: 47
My Rating: 5 Stars
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This little story, which takes place after the trilogy, was so cute it nearly made me cry. All three men were such sweethearts in this one, even Baltsaros.

The final book didn’t have the happiest of endings because the characters were still struggling with some things, but I’m glad to say this short story fixed that. It was a much better ending, and I definitely recommend it. I’m gonna miss these characters.

Tom just kissed him and murmured to him softly. “I love you, Jon. Do you hear me? Do you? I bloody love you.”

The three of them were such broken things. They truly needed one another.

(And I don’t even have to say it, but of course Michael Ferraiuolo’s narration of the audio was amazing.)

An amazing series, and this gave it the adorable ending it deserved!


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  1. Olivia-Savannah Roach

    I think it has been a while since I have seen a full five star review from you so I am glad you could love this short story for that reason! I have also recently read a short story that is set after the end of the book and I thought it was absolutely fantastic!