Random Musings: Slightly Spooky/Creepy/Horror-ish Books, Games, Movies, & More for Scaredy Cats


I know it’s a bit late this year since October is almost over, but blog posts are timeless! And perhaps I’ll add to this list in the future if I discover more slightly spooky stuff to recommend (which is why I included the “and more” bit, since I might end up adding podcasts or something), since who knows if I’ll ever find enough in the future to make a whole part two.

Anyway, I don’t normally post twice in one day, but I did this as a thread on Twitter and then decided to just make it a blog post too, and I had to get it out asap. So if you are like me and are easily scared, but you still want to participate in the spooky month spirit, here are a few lightly spooky/creepy/horror-ish books, movies, and games I liked that you might like too!

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Summer Sons by Lee Mandelo

Summer Sons by Lee Mandelo (book)

Not scary, but it does involve a dangerous ghost and a man trying to solve the mystery of how his friend died. Also lots of sexual tension and grief and confused queer feelings. [ My Review ]

Ninety-Nine Righteous Men by K.M. Claude (complete webcomic)

A very religion-infused horror story about two queer priests, demon-possession, and angsty, lingering feelings. Lovely art. Not scary, but dark, and be warned for some erotic scenes. [ My Review ]

Wolf Hall by Harper Fox (short story)

Not scary, but it’s about werewolves and has this cool sort of hazy feel at times that is a bit unsettling. Also fantastic writing, fantastic audio narration (if you listen to the audiobook), and a m/m romance. I’m usually not a big short story fan, but I absolutely loved this one. [ My Review ]

Tin Crickets by Joseph Wise (book)

Dystopian/post-apoc that takes a turn into a horror scenario when the characters sneak in somewhere they’re not supposed to and have to escape from monsters. [ My Review ]


Lake of Voices screenshot

Lake of Voices by GB Patch Games (visual novel)

Make the right choices to cross the monster-filled lake, but know that you can’t save everyone. A beautiful, emotional, eerie, haunting, immersive gem of a game with gorgeous art and characters I still think about years later. [ My Review ]

Pale Cachexia (kinetic novel)

An atmospheric, bittersweet, emotionally complex story with horror and fantasy elements about a friendship that forms between two lonely girls. Pretty art. Some creepy parts, but mostly mysterious with some heavy topics. I’ve put under games because you’ll find it on game platforms, but there are no choices, it’s more a story with pictures. [ My Review ]

Oxenfree by Night School Studio (game)

Slightly creepy game about some teens getting stuck on an island that’s haunted by ghosts keeping them there and messing with time itself. [ My Review ]

A Pet Shop After Dark by npckc (game)

Slightly spooky with a really unique and fun puzzle element! Available on itch io (name your own price) and only takes about an hour to complete. [ My Review ]


Sunshine (2007) DVD

Sunshine (movie)

Sci-fi thriller set on a spaceship that is just the right amount of creepy and super intense but is more about the emotion and characters and what people will do, both good and bad, when in a terrible situation. It also stars Cillian Murphy and Chris Evans… in case that entices anyone… [ Amazon ]

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (movie)

Horror but also comedy! Two men just trying to hang out in their cabin in the woods when teens show up, think they’re murderers, and keep accidentally killing themselves while trying to get away from them. [ Amazon ]

Rocky Horror Picture Show (movie musical)

Does this count? It’s got horror in the title, it must. I’m not even gonna describe it. If you haven’t seen it, it’s best you just give it a try and be ready for things to get weird! [ Amazon ]

Anna and the Apocalypse (movie musical)

This is also a book, but I rec the movie. Xmas-themed, so maybe a bit strange for October, but who cares! It has zombie killing and musical numbers! Gory, but not scary. Mostly it hit me in the feels. [ Amazon ]


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  1. Greg

    I like posts like this because even though I don’t watch a lot of horror I do like a good spooky read or watch. 🙂

    Summer Sons I saw over at Tammy’s blog (I think) and I’m so curious?

  2. Jessica

    I have been watching movies that I had recorded before I moved. When I had Direct TV, they would have movie channels as previews for certain months. When they were on I would go on taping sprees and tape as many movies as I can and then watch them once a week. I have seen Sunshine. It was one of the movies I taped. It was really sad. Right now I have a theme of religious movies. Two weeks ago I watched Season of the Witch. The girl in it isn’t a witch so the title was deceiving. But it would be a good movie to watch for Halloween. It is another sad movie though. This week I watched Monty Python’s Life of Brian. Next week I’m watching The legend of Hercules.
    I haven’t been reading any scary books lately. I’m now reading Prince Caspian.

    1. Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight)

      Yeah, it is a sad, emotional kinda movie. I’ve been rewatching a lot of old faves lately and realizing that so many of them are sad. I haven’t seen any of the other movies you mentioned, but it is a bit baffling to me sometimes why so many titles will mention something supernatural like a witch and then not be about a witch.

  3. Cee Arr

    It’s never a bad time for horror-y things.

    And loads of people watch Rocky Horror on Halloween, ofc they do! I love how Queer Rocky Horror is – like, this is a film *from the 70s* and it has better and more explicit Queer rep than a lot of the things we see today (albeit it stills puts Queer people in the ‘villain’ category – but no-one’s watching Rocky Horror for Brad and Janet!)

    And ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE!!!!! YES!!!!!! XD <3

    1. Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight)

      That is true!

      I mean, if you’ve never seen it, Halloween is as good a time as any! It’s funny because I used to watch it as a kid (idk why that was the one inappropriate thing—inappropriate because of the sex and murder lol, not the queerness—my parents were cool with lol), and I think it took me a while to actually even realize how queer it was.

      Yeah I really liked the movie!