Poetry: Supernatural Creature Poems (3)


It’s October, and that means I’m back with more supernatural creature poems! I didn’t plan for this to become an annual thing, but I enjoy the little challenge of writing these poems. Last year’s got a bit dark, so this year, I decided to focus on supernaturals being helpful, or at least neutral, toward humans.

Quick reminder that, in each poem, if you read just the first word of each line, it forms a sentence that is another clue to the supernatural it’s about. See if you can guess each one! Some of these might be harder if you’re not familiar with supernaturals that are less common in media or if you’re unfamiliar with some of their lore. Though, funnily enough, (this is an extra hint) two of these have fairly common non-supernatural counterparts you might be familiar with… Anyway, answers are at the end!

Garden blooming, thanks to you, though shy and small you fare;
Through the dirt you toil, beneath the pointy cap you wear.
The sun renders you frozen, decoration on the lawn;
Night brings you back to tend your plants and critters until dawn.

Surface frothing with foam, you leave your home among the sea,
For the ocean cannot keep you from a lonely human’s plea.
Seven salty drops, a call to go slip off your skin,
Tears dried before you find your stash and swim back to you kin.

Guard of high-rise buildings and cathedrals of days past,
In the eyes of some, a Gothic remnant, granite-cast.
Stony-faced atop your perch, you ward evil away,
Silence- and stillness-bound as you protect through night and day.

Guide to those who wander through the dark and marshy bog,
Lost in murky shadows, mossy ground, and hazy fog,
People hypnotized by the comfort of your glow,
Home, led by your light, those you deemed friend rather than foe.

Answers (and the first word of each line clue):
Gnome (Garden through the night)
Selkie (Surface for seven tears)
Gargoyle (Guard in stony silence)
Will o’ the Wisp (Guide lost people home)

(October 2021)

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  1. Greg

    Ooh fun. I remember these! The first two are neat and it helps that I like those particular creatures. 🙂 Then again, I’m a big fan of that third creature as well!

    I think the second and fourth are my faves.

    I’m reading a book with a (last spoilry) now- The Lights of Prague.

    1. Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight)

      Idk if everyone will know all these, so I’m glad to know at least one person is familiar with all the creatures 😀 Ooh I looked up the book, it sounds interesting! I debated including that one here since they do also have that darker side that kills humans, which could’ve also been fun for a poem, but this worked too!

  2. Roberta R.

    I got gnome and gargoyle! And the gargoyle poem was my favourite.

    BTW…it’s been a year already since you posted your latest batch??? I remember it vividly, so I would have sworn it wasn’t that long ago…I feel so old now LOL.

  3. Suz

    Well, I got the gargoyle one but I was rubbish at all the others. However, once I’d found the spoilers, it was all became clear.
    The poems are very clever. The Will o the Wisp one is my favourite.

  4. Cee Arr

    …I’ve never heard of will o’ the wisp *helping* people… they’re primarily something which lures people into swamps and rivers, and to their deaths. Unless there’s different folklore in America? Maybe yours are less vindictive than the various European versions *shrugs*

    Cool poems though! 🙂 <3

    1. Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight)

      As far as I’ve read, there are tales of wisps doing both (making people lost and helping lost people). That’s why I mentioned the wisp only helping because they decided the person was friend rather than foe 🙂 I considered saving wisps for a darker poem next year, since the dark poems are fun, but I didn’t have any other good poems for this post and liked how this one turned out.