The Weekly Update: 11/27/16


So did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? And did anyone go out on Black Friday? I take that back, if you did you probably won’t be able to answer my question since you’ve probably been trampled and lost some fingers and therefore cannot type (unless you use your nose or elbow, but that’s harder than it sounds).

I’ve actually still not been feeling well. I’m just so overexhausted and run down. And it’s tough because I know how important it is to not push myself too much and to get some rest, but I have too much that I need to do and taking that time just isn’t an option :-/ At least they weren’t quite as noisy outside this week. Well, one worker decided to sing—not just hum or something but full-out sing while he was near my window. At least that’s not as bad as spraying and pounding though. I gotta take my victories  where I can.

Blog/Bookish Updates:

I’ve still got a giveaway going on! Be sure to check that out and enter if you like urban fantasy and/or awesome friendships in books 🙂

Win a signed paperback of the new urban fantasy book Mad God Walking by Connor Drexler! #giveaway

I also changed my homepage/archives! I like it more than I thought I would. It’s easier to see the posts now, less scrolling involved. And of course it’s a bit less work for me since I don’t have to upload two images for each post (one with text, one without). Go check it out if you get a chance and let me know what you think. I also did away with some of the book tags, but that’s not as noticeable.

Since I don’t know when Cover Characteristics will officially be back, I wanted to let anyone who’s interested know that I’ll be posting cover featuring snow on 12/5, snow globes on 12/12, and my favorites covers from books I read this year on 12/19. If anyone wants to join in on those topics, go ahead and come visit so that I can check out yours too!

Books I Received for Review:

Whispers of Old Winds by George Seaton | reading, books
Raven (A Creepy Hollow Story) by Rachel Morgan | reading, books
Rogue Magic by Kit Brisby | reading, books

Whispers of Old Winds I had requested a bit ago and just got (I think it’s Christmassy), but Raven was a surprise lol. I told you all I got invited to a review team so I submitted my form and then this week Raven just showed up in my email, so hurray for surprise books! Rogue Magic just sounds good. I also got King’s Lament by Lilia Blanc, but it has no cover yet.

Books I Finished:

Gospel of the Forgotten by J. Armand | reading, books
The Alabaster Concordat by J. Armand | reading, books

Last Sunday I finished Book 2 in the Immortal Coil series, and then I let myself binge-read straight through Book 3 and 4. It felt good. I miss binge-reading. Of course now I’m bummed that I gotta wait who knows how long for the next book… But seriously one of these was 500 pages and the other 700+, so I think I did a good amount of reading! And the books have rocketed up to being one of my favorite series! One character in particular has totally stolen my heart.

Song of the Week:

“White Winter Hymnal” by Pentatonix (Fleet Foxes Cover) – It’s time for Christmas music, guys! I think I shared this one last year, but I seriously love it. And Pentatonix have become my favorite Christmas album artists.


In Case You Missed It:

– I shared an appreciation post for indie and self published authors and talked about why they’re amazing!
– I reviewed Shadow Fall by Audrey Grey, a gritty YA dystopian with a super interesting love interest.
– I reviewed Labyrinth by Alex Beecroft, a short but sweet LGBT about a genderfluid MC in ancient Greece.
– I reviewed Darkchylde by R. Queen, a unique and somewhat dark YA urban fantasy.

The Sunday Post Link-Up:

Once again, I’m linking up to The Sunday Post at Caffeinated Book Reviewer 🙂


Talk to me!

Did you find any good books or music last week?
If you celebrated, how was your Thanksgiving?
Did you go out on Black Friday?
Do you like the new look of my homepage?


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  1. Greg

    I did not go out on Black Friday but I did go to the mall today, I survived too! (actually it wasn’t too bad, which surprised me). I mostly hung out at the bookstore though, it’s just too early to shop! B&N was crammed with holiday stuff, man they sell everything now! Kinda crazy. I tried to walk past the Funko Pop’s but it didn’t work.

    A singing worker? Yikes. That’s funny… well not for you I guess lol but yeah. I do like the new look. It’s nice to be able to scroll down and see more posts that way. Glad it’s working for you too.

    I like that Pentatonix song. And Raven looks nice maybe I just like that cover but it does look good.

    1. Kristen Burns

      Haha I’m so glad you survived! I actually made sure to buy enough food last week to last me through the weekend so I wouldn’t have to go shopping anywhere this weekend lol. I feel like B&N does sell everything nowadays. Did you actually buy a Funko Pop then, or did you just look at them all?

      Yeah the singing was… kind of both funny and aggravating. At least he didn’t have a bad voice lol. And thanks! I do think it makes seeing the posts much easier.

      Raven is part of the Creepy Hollow faerie series, so that’s probably why you’re drawn to it.

      1. Greg

        I am too! I expected the worst… that’s awesome you stocked up! Ha ha sometimes it’s nice not to have to go out. And I didn’t buy a Funko but I saw several I wanted, including a C2-B5 from Rogue One. I’ll be getting that bad boy next time I’m there lol. I have no idea what it is since I haven’t seen the movie, but I THINK I’ll like it???

        I am sadly addicted to them now I think. 🙂

        Raven… that explains it. I always liked those Faerie Hollow covers…

        1. Kristen Burns

          Yeah busy stores are not my thing. Lol, I’m sure you will buy one of those Funko Pops soon since you keep wanting one! It’ll make you happy, it’s worth it 😀

          And you are always drawn to the Creepy Hollow covers, I guess this one is no exception! This is just a novella though.

  2. Literary Feline

    My husband went out to buy dishwasher soap since we were all out on Friday. He was surprised at how crowded the store was. He went to five different ones before he found what he was looking for. Haha. We all went out today for a few items, which was a mistake too. Stores were still crazy busy. And well picked over. At least we came out of it with no injuries.

    I am sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well, Kristen. I hope you find some quiet time to relax and recover.

    I love Pentatonix and just bought one of their Christmas albums today while out and about. 🙂

    I hope you have a great week, Kristen. Feel better soon!

    1. Kristen Burns

      Lol yeah I figured stores would be crowded all weekend. I’m crossing my fingers that grocery stores will at least be fairly normal until closer to Christmas.

      Thank you <3

      The Pentatonix Christmas albums are sooo good! I just listen to them on YouTube. You have a great week too!

  3. chucklesthescot

    This month I’ve been binge reading Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid novels and I should be up to date with it by the end of this month. Yea! A small victory with so many other series to read but it’s a start. Oh no, I stayed well away from the Black Friday sales! I’m not the kind of person who can go out in cold weather and queue for hours and then maybe come home with nothing! I grabbed free ebooks, a few reduced dvd box sets and a few things like that so my sales buying was much more restrained than last year!

    1. Kristen Burns

      Ah, so we’ve both done a bit of binge-reading lol. There’s always going to be more books and series out there, but it’s always a victory to get through or get caught up on one! Haha, I’m clearly not a Black Friday person either. Online shopping is the way to go!

    1. La La in the Library

      Yay! I have not been able to comment on your blog and one other for about two weeks now, but success! Now I will be comment spamming on your older posts. I love the new home page, less scrolling is always a plus in my book. We had a lowkey Thanksgiving just like I like it. I went Black Friday shopping once and never went again. Ha ha. Sorry to hear you were ill. I hope you get rested up. Have a wonderful week. 🙂

      1. Kristen Burns

        That’s so weird that you haven’t been able to comment. Was it just MY blog? People have been commenting though, so I don’t know :-/

        Thank you! Yes, I’m definitely liking the less scrolling. Lowkey Thanksgiving sounds great 🙂 Thanks, and same to you!

  4. sjhigbee

    My goodness me – that was some binge-read, there! I’m really impressed – I haven’t encountered the Immortal Coil series, but it certainly looks good. I liked the song – thank you for sharing:)). Sorry you’re still feeling so run down – have you considered getting a tonic – we have a really good one called Floradix here. I think you’re right to not push yourself too hard. Have a good week and take care.

    1. Kristen Burns

      Lol that’s not even the most I’ve ever binge-read in a week. I do love me some good binge-reading when I get the chance! And the series is great! I’m trying to just get in some rest when possible, I feel a bit better today at least 🙂 Thank you!

  5. Laura Thomas

    I hope you feel yourself again soon. Could that worker carry a tune? LOL Great books this week. Mayve it’ll quiet down some outside and you can enjoya good read:)

  6. Michelle@Because Reading

    A avoid all stores the day after thanksgiving. I prefer to shop on line and will even avoid cyber Monday since the internet gets so slow that day and I have no patience for it.

    I hope you feel better. You do need to take some time for yourself to rest.

    I am not a fan of singing people however I can sign rather loud in the car by myself, I always wonder if people can hear me through the window. 🙂

    Oh no, I had no idea Cover Characteristics stopped doing it. I have that on my list of Memes to try next year. Might have to just do a few of my own, like you are doing. I always miss the good stuff. 🙂

    I hope you have a great week, Kristen! Happy Reading!

    1. Kristen Burns

      Haha, I definitely avoid the stores on Black Friday too. But I do plan on being on the internet tomorrow, so it better not be slow 😛

      Thank you 🙂

      I’m not sure what’s going on with Cover Characteristics. The blogger running it had a baby and so hasn’t been doing it lately, but she said she’d be coming back. In the meantime you can do like me and just make up your own topics lol.

      Thanks, same to you!

  7. Samantha

    I LOVE Pentatonix! I really like their cover of White Winter Hymnal too. Its so unique (even though the song itself makes no sense what so ever!). I am totally in love with their cover of Hallelujah right now. I have always loved that song, but they made me love it even more.
    Have a great week!

    1. Kristen Burns

      Ok so I looked it up and apparently the original artists say it doesn’t have any meaning, but to me it’s always seemed like the song is about someone dying or something (falling and turning the white snow red sounds like blood to me), which is really not very happy and Christmassy lol, but the song is just so darn pretty! But yeah, Pentatonix has the best Christmas songs, though my favorite Hallelujah cover is still this one:

  8. Lampshade Reader

    I’m sorry that you are still not feeling well. No Black Friday shopping here. We avoid that like the plague lol

    I hope you have a good week with plenty of good reads to keep you happy 🙂 ~Aleen

  9. S. J. Pajonas

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re still not feeling all that well. Do regular walks or being outdoors help any? I always feel better when I get some sun and fresh air. I do like your new homepage layout! I think it’s fresh and easy to use. Great job!

    1. Kristen Burns

      Being outdoors doesn’t seem to make a difference, but I think some of the problem is still eye strain or something like that, so I’ve been trying to stay off the computer a little more or at least take breaks. That seems to help, except almost everything I do involves the computer or at least a kindle or some sort of electronics -_- Thank you! I do think the new layout is easier to use, glad you like it 🙂

  10. Deborah

    More importantly, what exactly is the workman singing? Even someone with a crappy voice can make some songs kinda fun!

    Sorry to hear you’re feeling tired and run-down. Have you been able to take some time out for you and just do nothing? (Well maybe read!!!)

    Make sure you take it easy over the next few weeks. xx

    1. Kristen Burns

      Lol it was in Spanish, but his voice was pretty good at least.

      I just don’t really have the time to just take time out and do nothing :-/ But I’m trying to rest when I can (and of course reading when I do, haha). Thank you <3

  11. Lola

    I am sorry to hear you’re still not feeling well! Sadly I know the feeling of having too many things to do, I feel like I’ve been pushing myself a bit too hard lately, but I just keep doing that as I can’t afford not to. I just try and take a moment for myself now and then and that does help a bit. Glad to you you didn’t have as much noise outside this week, this week I lost some sleep over construction noises.

    I like how your home page looks, although I have to admit I rarely go there so I can’t fully remember how it used to look like. i think the covers were on top of the post first? I subscribe to your blog by e-mail and just keep the e-mail in my inbox until I’ve visited and commented on the post, so i usually visit your blog through direct link to the post in an e-mail or after I’ve replied to your comment on my blog and decide to visit.

    I am looking forward to your cover characteristics post you have planned as I always enjoy those posts! And you sure got a good amount of reading done with two long books like that! I also miss binge reading, i don’t make time for that nearly often enough. Glad to hear you’re enjoying that series so much! Have a great week!

    1. Kristen Burns

      Thanks. And yes, that’s the problem, I’ve been pushing myself too hard, but I can’t afford not to. I’ve been trying to find some sort of balance and not push TOO hard, but I still have to get things done :-/

      Lol. It used to have the picture without any text, and it was a rectangle above the title and intro for each post. Now the pictures are squares, they have the text, and they’re next to the title/intro. It’s easier for me since now I don’t have to upload the background picture with no text.

      Thanks! I figured snow and snow globes would be kinda festive 🙂 And yeah, I did get a good amount of reading done. It helped that the books were so good though since it made me not want to put them down. My binge-reading problem is more that I’m always too stressed about deadlines for review copies to just take a break and read a whole bunch of books in one series. But screw that because this blog is my hobby, and I like binge-reading, so I’m gonna do it more often from now on! You have a great week too 🙂

  12. Jane @ Raincity Librarian

    We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in November here in Canada, but no one can pass up a good sale (and the vast, vast, vast majority of our stores are American anyway), so now we’ve added Black Friday sales in our malls here too, which is just kind of weird because it pops up on a random (for us) Friday in November that no one has off anyway…oh well, just another day to avoid the shopping malls!

    1. Kristen Burns

      Hahaha that does sound really funny that for you guys Black Friday just pops up on a random Friday in November that no one even has off work. I never would’ve thought of it that way lol.

  13. Barb (boxermommyreads)

    I think Raven looks awesome so I might check it out. That series has me curious as well. I can’t wait for your December cover characteristics posts and I will plan to do at least one of those with you – they sound like fun! Of course, they always enable me so maybe I better put some funds aside too 🙂

    1. Kristen Burns

      I’m not sure which series you’re talking about, Creepy Hollow (the one that Raven is in)? Or The Immortal Coil (the one I just binge-read)? Well I recommend both anyway, so I guess it doesn’t matter, haha. And lol, I’m sorry for being an enabler to your book buying habit. Actually, wait, no I’m not 😛 Get those funds ready!

  14. Wren

    I think your homepage looks really awesome…honestly your whole blog design is great! As for Thanksgiving, since I’m Canadian we already celebrated it in October. I didn’t buy anything on Black Friday, but I looked at a few bookstore websites and had to restrain myself from ordering some books….

    Wren @

  15. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    Oh no, I hope you’re feeling a bit better now. I know it seems hard to make time for yourself but really you need to because if you get sick you literally will not be able to make the time to do anything and probably for longer. (I sound like my mother right now).

    I did in fact brave the Black Friday sales… but it’s nowhere near as deadly here in the UK as it is over in the US so no limbs were lost just a slightly damaged bank balance as I did some Christmas shopping. And hey, we read the same number of books last week. At least that makes me feel like I’m not slacking off reading.

    1. Kristen Burns

      I know, I 100% agree with you, trust me, but it really just doesn’t work out that way sometimes :-/

      Lol I’m very happy to hear that you still have all your limbs! And yay, I actually managed to read the same number as you! It’s another miracle 😛

  16. Jessica

    I love Pentatonix. I discovered them last year. They always make me want to cry. Happy tears, of course. I did have a good Thanksgiving. My mother came and we went to my great-aunt’s house. We did go Black Friday shopping, but mostly I got stuff online. Then my fiance came for two days. I’m still reading on Burnt Offerings and If There be Thorns.