The Weekly Update: 7/30/17


So this isn’t a real update, more of an update to let you all know that my Weekly Update posts are on temporary hiatus. It might just be for a week or two, I’m playing it by ear here since I’m supposed to be moving next weekend and don’t know how I will end up feeling after that. (Note the words ‘supposed to be.’ If it’s get pushed again, I will punch someone. Ok, no I won’t because I don’t even know how to punch, but I’ll want to punch someone.) I’ve turned comments off for THIS POST ONLY because there’s really no need to comment on this, and I would only feel compelled to respond if you did. But if you want to show me and my blog some love, please do continue to comment on other posts because I will still be posting those! In fact, that’s part of the reason I’m going on a temporary update hiatus—with my arms hurting, I haven’t been able to blog hop as much, and I feel like my other types of posts have been getting neglected. I’d rather those posts get more attention. So until my next update, I’ll just save up all the books I read/receive/review and bombard you with numerous weeks’ worth in one post 😉 And if you want random updates about things in my life, you can always follow me on Twitter!

Before you go, enjoy some funnies I found on Pinterest 🙂


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