Updates & Info: The Weekly Update (7)

Book-wise, I had a good week.

I read seven (yes, SEVEN!) books, most of them at least pretty good.

I also got a lot of free ebooks, including numerous ones off my Amazon wishlist that I've wanted for a while that went on sale.

Plus, I found a whole bunch of books I really want to read, which doesn't sound like a good thing considering my TBR was already a mile long, but, truth be told, my TBR is filled with a lot of "meh, maybe I'll read it one day" books, and these are more "wow, I can't wait to read these!"

So the bookish parts of me are happy :-) Now on with the updates (with photos and everything this time)!

I Bought a Chair!


My Awesome New Chair

It may not seem very exciting, but, considering I’ve been using my bed until now (something I don’t recommend), I’m excited about it. I assembled it myself and everything! Isn’t it purdy?

I Went Circus Romance Crazy

Ok, I didn’t actually buy any of the books yet, but I found a Goodreads list and added like ten to my TBR because CIRCUS!

I Watched Tangled for the 1749275623968573145th Time

It’s not really news, but it’s my blog, and if I want to talk about my love for Tangled, I can, dammit! 😛 I swear it gets better every time.

I Ate Freeze Dried Strawberries and Bananas!


Freeze Dried Yumminess

This also may not seem like news, but seriously, have you ever had them?! If not, you should because they’re AMAZING, like candy but better, and I always get very excited when I eat them because I don’t get them often.

Books I Finished This Week

Blue Fire by Janice Hardy | books, reading, book covers
The Dark Realm by Anthea Sharp | books, reading, book covers
A Faerie's Revenge by Rachel Morgan | books, reading, book covers
Nocte by Courtney Cole | books, reading, book covers
Verum by Courtney Cole | books, reading, book covers
Lux by Courtney Cole | books, reading, book covers
Darkfall by Janice Hardy | books, reading, book covers

I decided to continue with The Healing Wars series by Janice Hardy and really enjoyed it despite the fact that I usually don’t like middle grade or high fantasy. Will probably review it. The Dark Realm was decent. A Faerie’s Revenge was good, but I wouldn’t be reading the fifth book in the series if it weren’t. I didn’t read Dracula like I had planned because Lux came out and I had to re-read the whole Nocte Trilogy, but unfortunately Lux was a disappointment.

Song of the Week:

“Deep Sea” by Oh Land – I found this song while reading Nocte because I love pairing music with books (word of advice if you plan to read the series: some good eerie music in the background makes a HUGE difference). I don’t know if I’ll be reviewing the books, but I might make some playlists anyway because I wrote down a whole bunch of great songs.

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Talk to me!

How was your week? Read any good books, see any good movies, or hear any good music?


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  1. Amber Elise @ Du Livre

    You read seven books this week? I read seven books this MONTH.

    I also have not heard of frozen fruits (well besides actual…frozen fruit) but it looks delicious. I need more healthy snacks in my life.

    1. Kristen Burns

      Ah, well, you see, I have this simple, 2 step process for how to read seven books in one week:
      Step 1 – Decide, “Screw real life and responsibilities this week.”
      Step 2 – Read.

      Lol. But everyone has different things going on to keep them busy, so, as long as we’re reading at all, it’s all good! Especially when you consider how so many people graduate school and then never read another book again.

      You really should try the freeze dried fruits though, they’re so good and they literally have no ingredients, it’s just the fruit dried out and crunchy, so definitely healthy!