Gamer Musings: Top Ten Games I Played in 2022


I didn’t do one of these posts last year because I didn’t play enough games, but I played a lot this year, and so many of them were fantastic! There were even more great games that didn’t make my list, but I managed to make myself stop at ten. So in no particular order, except the last two, here they are!

*If you want to know more about the diversity and accessibility in these games, check out the games section of my Diverse Books/Games page!*

Darkside Detective (+ A Fumble in the Dark)

Screenshot from The Darkside Detective showing pixel art of McQueen and Dooley standing outside a motel, McQueen saying, 'I love you, buddy. Don't ever change.'

This is such a fun point-and-click pixel art paranormal detective game! There’s puzzles and humor, but maybe the best thing of all is the adorable friendship between McQueen and Dooley.



Screenshot from Calico showing my character standing in a magical looking forest with pink trees, a calico cat on her head, with two ravens and another cat standing around her feet

This is a chill, adorable game where you go on little fetch quests and decorate your cafe and pet lots of animals. What makes it so fun is how silly it is, what with how you can make big animals small and small animals big and lift polar bears above your head and put hats on all your pets and wear your pets as hats and use magical potions to do all sorts of things, all with a physics engine that makes the animals flop around in fun ways.


Spellcaster University

Screenshot from Spellcaster University showing a few students in teal robes with antlers on their heads sitting at desks in a small classroom with a wizardy-looking teacher

This deck building / sorta management sim is addictive! It has so much cuteness and creativity with all the types of magic, magical items, magical careers, supernaturals, and more. It’s so fun uncovering more as I play. As is trying to achieve the goals in each level before time runs out. The little characters are cute too.


The Sexy Brutale

Screenshot from The Sexy Brutale showing a small but ornate room, one wall is an aquarium holding a colorful fish as big as the character

This is a hard game to describe in a sentence, but it’s a very cool sorta murder mystery puzzle game involving a repeating day. And it’s all set in the extravagant, creepy mansion of an eccentric millionaire. The gameplay is fun, the graphics are cool, and the story and lore are so detailed and fascinating.


Song of Farca

Screenshot from Song of Farca showing the faces of two people, a woman and man, having video chat, with text to show their conversation. Him: Wasn't talking to you. Anyway, we need to get out of here. Her: And you have a problem. Him: A number of problems. We can't go back down. We'll need to go up. The boss had a back-up plan. Security is especially tight on the upper floors. And there's a squad of gunmen in the way. I need you to do something about it. Her: Call you a cab? Him: We can't go down. Her: Call you a helicopter with machine guns?

I sort of had a blast getting into the detective/hacker elements of this game and pretending I was actually zooming in on grainy security cam footage and moving drones about and doing all the things they do in movies even though it’s not at all accurate to real life. I also enjoyed the slightly cyberpunk world and the intensity of the story running throughout the game. There’s also lots of diversity, and you play as a sapphic main character.


A Ghost Story?

A Ghost Story screenshot showing artwork of Lucian, beautiful but lying on the ground with glassy eyes and flowers around him. Text from Elliot's POV reads, 'There was a body right underneath his window... His body...'

This visual novel about a haunted house and a ghost was lovely and bittersweet and beautifully illustrated with such a strong, unique art style. The story took some surprising but really cool twists, and I felt for these characters. It’s also queer, since you play as a guy and can romance male, female, and nonbinary characters.



Screenshot of a snowy Christmas town with an ice blue castle in the background and lots of smaller buildings in green, red, yellow, and blue, as well as lakes and walled-in snow-covered gardens.

This is just a building sim, no challenges or objectives, but “just” doesn’t do it justice. It’s a really well-made game that let’s you chill while using your creativity to create cute, colorful little (or not so little) towns or castles or compounds, and its simplicity means you don’t get bogged down in details. And with a handful of mods, you can have even more creative options! (The image uses my own custom color palette and a weather mod.)


First Bite

Screenshot from First Bite showing all three characters standing together, Valeria saying: You interrupted us, kitten. And Ilyas here was just about to take his shirt off.

This was such a fun, sexy visual novel for vampire lovers, by vampire lovers. They absolutely nailed the appeal of vampires, and though this isn’t very long, it’s a great time! And all three characters are canonically queer.


And my top two favorites, because these are very different games that both excel at what they do, and I couldn’t choose just one:

Synthetic Lover

The romance in this visual novel, just UGH! So perfect! There were actually three romance endings, and all of them were great, but one especially got me right in the feels with how much I felt it and how perfect the characters were for each other. It was also just an enjoyable sci-fi story and had lots of gorgeous artwork.


Project Zomboid

Screenshot from Project Zomboid of my character doing a little dance in a small room with a treadmill, a small table with toys like rubix cubes all over it, two chairs, a short bookshelf with a record player on top, and a checkered blue rug.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I haven’t shut up about this game since I started playing it months ago. I would never have expected to even try, let alone LOVE, a zombie apocalypse survival life sim type of game, but the attention to detail, the realism, the freedom to make your own goals (beyond simply surviving), how it’s just as much about post-apoc survival as it is about zombie killing, and the customization that allows for players of all skill levels to play makes this a truly phenomenal game!


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  1. Greg

    I feel like paranormal and detective would go so well together. Calico looks fun too. I do love pixel art. Synthetic Lover sounds fun too. Even just that image, with the messup blinds… the vibe.