Updates & Info: The Weekly Update (9)

Hello, my lovely fellow readers and bloggers!

Unfortunately, once again, I don't have a whole lot to say. It was another slow week on the blog, only three posts, but two of them were about AMAZING books that you should totally go read, so that counts for something, right? It was also kind of a slow, but still exhausting, week off the blog. I think the most exciting part of it would either have to be my TV breaking or my UPS package getting lost, then found, then damaged and sent back. (But no worries, I've got both problems covered.)

This is such a riveting post, I know.

But that's why I'll stop my rambling now and get on with the books and music since that's kind of all I have to share this week.

Books I Finished:

The Sea Witch by S.J. Valfroy | books, reading, book covers
The Institute by Kayla Howarth | books, reading, book covers
Her Mad Hatter by Marie Hall | books, reading, book covers
Vane by Teshelle Combs | books, reading, book covers

I consider it a good book week because I LOVED The Sea Witch (link to my review below). Also, Her Mad Hatter was quick, fun Alice in Wonderland retelling, perfect for when you want something distracting and not too heavy (it’s also free on Amazon), and Vane was a good second-in-series about dragon shifters and phoenixes.

Song of the Week:

“Gasoline” by Halsey – I don’t know how to describe this song, but I like it. *Explicit/Uncensored Lyrics*

In Case You Missed It:

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5 Star Book Review: Beckoning Blood (Bonds of Blood Book 1) by Daniel de Lorne
4.5 Star Book Review: The Sea Witch (The Era of Villains Book 1) by S.J. Valfroy


Talk to me!

Did you read any good books, find any good music, or do anything exciting this past week?


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    1. Kristen Burns

      I’ve been listening to Halsey kind of in the background while reading all day. Her music’s pretty chill and interesting. Thanks, fortunately the company I ordered from (iHerb) was great about the package and shipped a replacement ASAP once it was reported damaged.

    1. Kristen Burns

      Haha, I have exciting dental work planned for this week, so unfortunately I’ll have to wait until next week for all the excitement to die down. By the way, The Institute ebook is free on Amazon if you do want to read it 🙂