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First Bite is a sexy, funny, queer visual novel about vampires. You’ve wandered into a house and found three gorgeous but deadly vampires, but will you be able to convince them to turn you, or will you meet your demise at the end of their fangs?

First Bite - Promo image showing three sexy vampires of various genders intimately cuddled up together

Official Description:


What would you do if you had the chance at a second life, after death?

Put your destiny in the hands of three centuries-old vampires in this LGBTQ+ dark comedy visual novel. Play as Noe, a normal human, fanfic writer, and lover of all things supernatural with a distinct lack of self-preservation, as they take a chance and enter the strange house on Dead End Drive with the hope that the rumors they’ve heard about its inhabitants are true. There they find Laurel, Ilyas, and Valeria, and they quickly discover that there’s no escape, but not all endings are fatal.

TREAD LIGHTLY, because there are over 25 ways to die in First Bite, and your journey to immortality won’t be a smooth one. If you enjoyed What We Do In The Shadows but wanted it to be just a little bit gayer… this is the game for you.

More Info:

You can get more info and download the game here on Steam, here on, or here on the official website!

Long Review:

These devs are clearly vampire lovers themselves because they 100% fully understand vampire lovers and absolutely nailed the allure of vampires. Of wanting to fuck them and/or be bitten by them, but also being terrified they’ll kill you, but also knowing that’s part of what makes it so hot in the first place. There was even a moment when the player character thought about how the drinking was hotter than the sex, and yes! Absolutely! They get it.

Anyway, this game is basically three hot vampires insulting and toying with you. It will have you go from fanning yourself at the sheer sexiness one moment to laughing aloud the next.

They’re also just the perfect vampires. The perfect combination of sexy and deadly. The devs really used the vampireness to its full potential and just had so much fun with that combo.

But really, the sexiness! I just have to mention that one more time because have you seen the artwork of all three of them all cuddled up together??? (But just to clarify, though each character route has a sex scene, there’s no full nudity in the art.)

Screenshot from First Bite showing all three characters cuddled up intimately, both Valeria and Laurel basically on Ilyas's lap (Ilyas is big and hunky enough to hold them both). Ilyas has one arm around each. Laurel is sexily pulling on the loose tie around Ilyas's neck. Valeria holds a wine glass of blood.

The writing for the player character was a little too silly and ridiculous sometimes and didn’t really flow with everything, but the writing for the vampires was great. Their personalities and interactions were fun. I loved getting know each of them more. I loved learning their quirks and interests and backstories. The game doesn’t go super deep, but it goes deep enough to make the characters interesting.

I adore Ilyas! His route brought me so much joy. He was absolutely terrifying and so violent, but he was also like a puppy that just wanted attention, and he could be a softie sweetheart once you got on his good side, and he was so adorably ridiculous sometimes that it made me laugh. A big ol’ hunky himbo.

Screenshot from First Bite showing Ilyas, a big, hunky, muscular man/vampire, with a look of innocent delight on his face and little sparkles around it. He's standing in his room, which is messy with pin-ups all over the wall, saying: It's the best room in this house. Just look at it.

There’s so much queerness in the game, and that’s great too. The player can choose between he/she/they pronouns. One character uses she/they, and one uses he/they. All three of them are in a triad sort of relationship together. They’re all canonically bi or pan and make mention of other relationships or attraction to different genders.

The art was fantastic. The main art in the game is pretty and lovely to look at. But those unlockable CGs! Drop dead gorgeous. Both the art and the vampires. I’m pretty sure I’d already seen the one of all three of them together, but when I saw it in the context of the game, just walking into a room to find that, it was whoa. (Not sharing it here so that you can also experience the whoa yourself ? but you can find it elsewhere online if you want to see it.)

The partial voice acting was great.

Nice music. Each vampire’s route had different music to match their vibe.

Just a warning, there are times when, even if you initially choose no sex, your other choices will end up leading to sex anyway. At least, I noticed it in Ilyas’s route when I was trying out the no sex ending. But there are routes to the good endings that don’t require sex.

My first try lasted about an hour, but I was violently exsanguinated before I even made it to any of the vampires’ rooms, so it was cut a bit short. It took me six hours to see all the routes, most of the text, all the achievements, and all the deaths but one (which no one seems to be able to figure out).

Overall, this game was queer and sexy and funny and sexy, and I died like 30 times by the fangs of three gorgeous vampires, and I loved every minute of it!

Source/Cost: I got this on sale for $6.69 on Steam.

Screenshot from First Bite showing all three characters standing together, Valeria saying: You interrupted us, kitten. And Ilyas here was just about to take his shirt off.

Short Review:

– Sexy!
– Funny!
– Queer!
– Vampires who were the perfect combo of sexy and deadly
– Characters who were interesting to get to know
– Gorgeous art, especially the CGs
– Nice partial voice acting
– Overall a sexy and fun visual novel perfect for vampire lovers!


(May not include everything)
– Partially accessible for blind / visually impaired players with Ren’Py self-voicing mode (press V to toggle), but I wouldn’t recommend playing if you can’t see the screen because it doesn’t work well with the partial voice acting, and you’ll end up missing things. Also does not work with main menu.


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