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Tomai is a cute, sweet, free visual novel about about a young man named Tomai who will soon be starting a new job working with his dad as town leader, but first he has two weeks of free time to bond with his dad, make a new friend, or spend time with his best friends and maybe even find romance.

Tomai promo image. The three main characters messing around, one is human, one is a crocodile person, one is a squid person.

Official Description:

Tomai only has 15 days before the annual Night Festival, a night which symbolizes his last vacation before starting his new job as a leader of town. Tomai has never been sure of anything except his love of fishing, so there’s much to decide before his time as a free bachelor is up!

Will he spend it with his responsible Father, or the mysterious secondary leader, The Lady? Or will he finally take the chance to relieve the sexual tension between him and his two best friends, Burdoc and Malik? Help Tomai determine the direction of his whole life!

More Info:

You can get more info and download the game here on Steam or here on!

Long Review:

This was super cute!

This is different from typical visual novels in that the only choices you make are who to spend your day with each day, which keeps the main character’s personality solidly in place but lets the player decide what relationships he forms.

The story is cute! You can have a sweet polyam romance. You can make a new friend. You can connect with your dad. Each playthrough brings out something new. There are also extra stories for after you finish that don’t have any choices. They’re really cute (I know I keep using that word, but it’s true!) and let you get to know the characters even more. And the characters are adorable, lovable sweethearts.

The art is pretty and colorful and great! The character designs are fun, especially the non-humans, but even Tomai and his dad have great designs. The backgrounds are peaceful and pretty. The extra CGs are super cute, and there are a lot of sexy ones too if you play in R-18 mode. Even the extra stories have CGs! There’s just so much art, it’s lovely. (My only complaint is that there’s no gallery to see them again later.)

This was free and took me about 4.5 hours to play (including extra stuff), and it was overall a cute, sweet, fun visual novel!

Short Review:

– Limited choices keeps character consistency
– A few endings
– Polyam romance (m/m/m)
– So much cute and colorful art with fun character designs
– Overall cute and sweet!


(May not include everything)
– Partially accessible for blind / visually impaired players or screen reader users with Ren’Py self-voicing mode (press V to toggle). Game text and menus will be read aloud, but the options for who to spend time with each day will not be. (You can still play if you memorize how many times to hit the arrow to get to each option and don’t move the mouse. Right arrow 1 time is Burdoc, 2 is Malik, 3 is Dad, 4 is Lady.)
– You can choose between the sex explicit or non-explicit version.
– Can use mouse or keyboard.


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  1. Greg

    Ooh i like the sound of the Night Festival. Love the sounds of the art too… I like that it’s kind of relationship based too. 🙂