Sims Shenanigans: A Compilation of Tweets about Weird Things that Have Happened in My Sims 3 Games (2)


I’ve had this post somewhat ready to go for a while now and was just waiting to add a few more tweets, but I don’t know when I’ll really get to play again, and we could all use some laughs right now, I think. Hopefully my sims can provide some comic relief for everyone! They do get up to weird shit sometimes.

Also, don’t you love the screenshot I chose for the featured image above? One person trying to put out a fire while everyone else stands around screaming uselessly, including one guy in his underwear. That’s peak Sims right there.

Here’s my first tweet compilation post of Sims 3 Shenanigans, in case you haven’t seen it and want more laughs!

P.S. If you want to see the images larger, you can click on them, and it’ll open the tweet on Twitter 🙂

Sims Gone Wild


Someone Call a Doctor


When I Was a Lad, I Ate Four Dozen Eggs…

*A bit of clarification for anyone who doesn’t play: You can click on the fridge to see what ingredients, leftovers, etc. are in it. It tells you how many of each. My sim literally had 49 eggs, and I have no idea why because I did not send him to the store to buy them.


Cats are Jerks


Unexpected Confessions


Alien Invasion!!!


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  1. Greg

    Yeah more SIMS! And this “That’s peak Sims right there.” lol so true!

    And yes we definitely need the laugh right now!

    Someone Call A Doctor 🙂 And a spaceship? Is there any craziness this game doesn’t get up to?? 🙂

    1. Kristen Burns

      Putting out fires while all the other sims scream is definitely peak Sims lol. The spaceship was absolutely amazing, I was having so much fun watching all the terrified sims XD

  2. Kristina

    ahahaha I love thoses !!
    There’s definately some wierd shit going down on the sims xD

    I’ve been playing Sims 4 though – I used to have both on my computer, but can’t seems to get it to load again .. I’m really missing that map from the 3rd one !!