Poetry: Alien Abduction


I wrote this poem in 2019 for a little competition, but then the competition never ended up happening, so I figured I’d just share it here!

The rules were that the entry had to be under a certain number of words, had to be about alien abduction, and it had to include at least two words from a specific list. I was particularly inspired by one of the words, and this is what I came up with!

They took me from my bed in a blinding beam of light.
I’d heard of alien abductions; it seems the stories were right.
They keep me locked in chains that my fleshy hands can’t break,
They constantly observe me while I’m sleeping and awake.
They make me run on treadmills and swim in tank-like pools,
They experiment on my blood and poke me with their tools.
Their customs are quite strange, and I don’t think they grasp ours;
As yet they’ve fed me nothing but pudding and candy bars.
I’ve asked them to bring me back, but they always deny my request:
“We were sent to capture humans, and so far you’re our best!”
But there’s something they don’t know, and I’ll have my vengeance soon—
I’m actually a werewolf, and we’re headed for the moon.

(October 2019)

The words from the list that I used were (I used three because I’m an overachiever lol): pudding, blood, and werewolf (which is the one that inspired me, much to no one’s surprise, in case you couldn’t tell!)


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Bet you didn't see that twist coming, did you? :-P
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  1. Greg

    Ooh I love it! A little freaky with the abduction but then the surprise at the end- werewolf vengeance! Wheee!!!! haha awesome.

  2. Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    Oh my goodness that last line made me cackle! I also love the rhyme scheme; it really brings the whole poem together while still feeling conversational which makes that twist at the end so much better. Definitely made my night better 🙂

  3. Roberta R.

    “As yet they’ve fed me nothing but pudding and candy bars.”
    Urgh – I would have died…of starvation 😂. But at least they can communicate! Maybe I could have asked for fries 😉.

    This was fun! I didn’t expect that ending at all…but it’s genius haha.