Cover Characteristics: Book Covers Featuring Phones

It's another week of Cover Characteristics, and I'm just so glad we're past the TV week, haha.

This week it's phones! Honestly, I don't understand how people lived before phones were invented. Not even just cell phones but landlines. Do you ever think about that? I mean, people had to just go to someone's house and knock on their door, hoping they were home, if they wanted to talk. Or they had to wait until they got to school or work. It's crazy to me imagining life without phones, but I'm getting way off topic, aren't I?

Cover Characteristics is a weekly meme hosted at Sugar & Snark. This week’s topic is:

Books Covers featuring Phones

The Billionaire's Hotline by Cara Nelson | books, reading, covers, cover love, phones
Phone Calls from a Rockstar by JL Paul | books, reading, book covers, cover love, phones
Gimme a Call by Sarah Mlynowski | books, reading, book covers, cover love, phones
The Hotline Girl by RJ Conte | books, reading, book covers, cover love, phones
Landline by Rainbow Rowell | books, reading, book covers, cover love, phones

I love the whole muted color, tan and teal thing going on with a lot my cover choices this week. My favorites are Gimme a Call and Hotline Girl.


Talk to me!

Which book cover with phones is YOUR favorite?


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  1. Greg

    Gimme a Call is a good one, and of course Landline. 🙂 But they’re all good- I like the old rotary style phones. I didn’t find any like that…

    I just read a book set in the 70’s and they were talking about stretching out the cord and all that… pretty funny.

    1. Kristen Burns

      Thanks! The rotary style phones are just pretty somehow, though I’ve never actually used one. I think I read something somewhere once about how eventually no one’s even going to understand the symbols on our phones, like the call button, because everything is so different now. It is funny when you come across stuff like that, like the cords.