Updates & Info: The Weekly Update (3)

This has been a really good book week for me!

Well, I only finished two books, but they both made me kind of giddy because one was everything I've come to expect and more in a series I've been reading and the other was about something I love. So, you know, quality over quantity. Which was a nice change after recent books. I have a feeling the entire month of October is going to be a great book month, so I'm excited!

I’m Going Review Crazy

I’m apologizing in advance that the series reviews are going to get a bit crazy. I’m playing catch-up because I have a ton built up, plus some series have new books coming out this month I want to review on time, and I’m starting to feel very I-NEED-TO-TELL-EVERYONE-MY-FEELINGS-ABOUT-THIS-BOOK-NOW about a lot of books.

Misadventures in Social Media

I’m moving into unknown territory! Well, truth be told, I did try Twitter before but could never quite… get it. It made me want to crawl back into my Pinterest cave where I’m warm and happy. But I’m trying again. And I’m trying Instagram and Tumblr, so feel free to follow 🙂

No More Playlists?

It’s become more work than it’s worth to make graphics and everything. But hey, this is all part of my learn-by-doing, new-to-blogging thing! I’m adapting. I’m big on using music when I read and write though, so I’ll still make them and just include links with the reviews.

Blog Name… Maybe?

I’ve had “Metaphors & Moonlight” floating around in my head. My love for words and my love for night all rolled into one. Yay or nay? Ugh, indecision.

Comment Love

I’m trying out the comment love plugin from Nose Graze, but I’m still working out some kinks. We shall see how it goes. (But the kinks are on my end, so don’t worry, the plugin is great if you’re interested!) Figured it out! You learn something new everyday 😛

Book of the Week:

These Battered Hands by Laurel Ulen Curtis – I found it, read it, and reviewed it all in… one day? Two days? Point is, it came out of nowhere, but as a former gymnast, I was so happy to actually find a gymnastics romance. Text link goes to review, image goes to Amazon.

These Battered Hands by Laurel Ulen Curtis | books, reading, book covers

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Talk to me!

How was your week? Find any good books, music, movies, quotes, or anything worth sharing?


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  1. Greg

    Glad you had a good week! I didn’t read as much since I fell into the Netflix hole. 🙂 Maybe this week…

    Good luck with the blog name, and enjoy your week!

    1. Kristen Burns

      Darn it, I see my comment love is not working as well as I thought it was lol. I fell into the Netflix hole for about a month in July/August, so it happens to the best of us. Thanks! Same to you 🙂