Cover Love: Black, White, & Purple Book Covers


When I was in high school, I was once on the phone with a friend, and he was trying to guess the color of my shirt. Purple used to be my least favorite color (I really don’t know why, I’ve now realized the error of my ways and appreciate it for the beautiful color it is), so when he guessed it, I said, “Eww, I hate purple.” He kept guessing and guessing, venturing into more specific and unusual color territory, getting increasingly frustrated. Finally he gave up, and I told him my shirt was purple. He was like, “You said you it wasn’t!” And I smugly responded, “I said I hated purple. I never said I wasn’t wearing it.”

Anyway, today we’re talking about purple book covers!

This color was particularly difficult to find, partially because purple is a very in-between color that often veers into blue or pink. So for some I had to use a specific format or out of print covers, and I even had to cheat a bit and use a couple covers that have a bit of more pinkish or blueish in them, but I tried to keep it sort of similar and mid-range, just for the collage aesthetic 😛

I’ve also linked the covers to Amazon this time (affiliate links), in case anyone wants to check the books out!

Evolution: HEX by Starla HuchtonBlackwing by Ed McDonaldUnleash the Storm by Annette MarieThe Burning God by R.F. KuangRipper by Becca C SmithThe Girl at Midnight by Melissa GreyCorpse & Crown by Alisa KwitneyOff Balance by Aileen ErinThe Demon Tide by Laurie FrostTears of Frost by Bree Barton

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My favorites are Corpse & Crown and The Burning God, and I really like the dragon on Unleash the Storm. I also especially like how The Burning God and Blackwing do the color splash, with everything being mostly black and white with just that little pop of purple (versus the others which obviously don’t have other colors but have more purple). These are all lovely though!


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Which black, white, and purple book cover is your favorite?


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  1. Suz

    Purple is an unusual colour on a cover. There’s really only Unleash the Storm that stands out for me. And maybe The Demon Ride.
    Having said that, I think they all look really pretty together in your collage.


    Ohhh they are all so pretty!! Now i’m curious of if my selection of novels has more purple in it than yours? 🤨 mmh- I don’t get why they wouldn’t have more tbh, it does look really pretty on a cover in my opinion.

    Hard for me to give a favorite.. but I think The demon tide.