Book Review: Conviction (Dominion Book 3) by Lissa Kasey

Kelly, Jamie, Seiran, and Gabe have all decided to take a ski trip in order to relax and get some time away after all the problems they've dealt with lately, and Kelly is also secretly hoping it'll give him more time with Jamie since he's crushing on him. But when anunnatural storm blows in and traps them all at the resort and Kelly starts having strange visions, they suspect one of their enemies is behind it, and both Kelly and Jamie are willing to do whatever it takes to keep Seiran safe.

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Title: Conviction
Book Number: Book 3
Pages: 242
My Rating: 4 Stars
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I was disappointed when I saw this book would be from Kelly’s and Jamie’s POVs instead of Seiran’s because I like to stick with the same POV throughout a series, but, once I started reading, I sunk right into the new POVs easily and forgot that I had even been concerned about it in the first place. Both their POVs were just as well-written as Seiran’s, and each character had a unique voice. Also, sometimes suddenly switching POVs after numerous books that were previously told entirely from one first person perspective can make either the new POV characters or the old ones feel off, but both felt natural here.

It also turned out that I liked each of their POVs and the chance to get to know the characters better. For example, I hadn’t known that Jamie had an eating disorder (body dysmorphic disorder and previously bulimia but handling that better now) or that Kelly had asthma.

And those two things were just more to love about the book—disability rep and more mental illness rep. Eating disorders are so often only associated with women, which is a harmful stereotype because then men with eating disorders don’t get the help they need, so it was nice to see the topic being tackled with a male character. It’s also just nice that these books show how lots of people have their struggles and that it’s ok to need help. And just like with Seiran’s mental illnesses, the author seemed to do a great job showing his disorder through his actions and how it skewed his thoughts. Also just like the previous books, even though there were struggles, there was tons of love and care and support and understanding.

I feel like the plot in this book was a little weak though. All the books are more character-focused than plot-focused and thus a little slow-paced for a while until things suddenly start to pick up near the end when the mysterious bad guy shows up, but I can deal with that. The problem with this one was characters making some decisions that didn’t really make sense (e.g. running off to take on the bad guy all by themselves, knowing they were no match and would probably get killed) and a somewhat frustrating romance. I don’t really mind when characters don’t communicate because have you seen how some people act in real life? But in this case, Jamie could’ve at least explained why he was rejecting Kelly, explained that he was only flirting with Cat to get information, etc. And it got kind of angsty in a way that seemed like the angst was mostly included for the sake of plot and keeping the characters apart. I know Jamie had some mental struggles, but I still didn’t understand his constant lash-outs at Kelly.

But overall this was another sweet, enjoyable book that I flew through in about a day. It may have been a little iffy on the plot and romance, but it still kept me reading, it still had great disability and mental illness rep, and you won’t find a more loving, understanding, supportive group of characters, which makes it a great read when you need something to make you say awww and smile.


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  1. Di @ Book Reviews by Di

    Well look at me comig back to visit just a couple of weeks later! 🙂 I feel like I’m actually catching up somewhat although I’ve still got a ways to go before I’m totally back on top of my blogging.

    Glad you enjoyed this one and I love it when multiple POVs can be introduced and still feel natural although I’m sorry that some of the character decisions felt off. That can be frustrating in sequels when you feel like you’ve gotten to know someone better. It still sounds like you really enjoyed this one though!

    1. Kristen Burns

      Yay for catching up!

      Thanks! It’s definitely risky adding extra POVs later in a series, but sometimes it works 🙂 I did enjoy this one, despite some of the decisions!

  2. Lily

    glad you were able to just sink back into the series despite the POV change and still enjoy it 😀 sorry the plot in this one felt a little weak tho ):

  3. Anne Clarence

    Wow, I love that book cover! it looks so cool. I don’t know if it’s just me, but whenever there are multiple POVs in a book, every reader always have favorites. Do you?

    1. Kristen Burns

      It’s such a gorgeous cover! I usually do end up favoring one or two POVs, though there is the rare book where I end up liking them all. Honestly I don’t remember how I felt in this book cuz I read it a long time ago lol.

  4. verushka

    Despite the weak plot, there’s much to enjoy here it seems, especially if the different POVs and the character choices work so well.

  5. Olivia Roach

    I love that even though you had your doubts about the book before going in because of the POV switch, it turned out to be so good and easy for you to sink into. I do agree that the stereotype of eating disorders being only for females is very harmful and dangerous. I am glad to see us getting some of that rep included here as well as the disability rep. A bit of a shame of the plot not being as good, but it actually sounds like this one is more character driven than anything else. I love the cover too!

    1. Kristen Burns

      I was so glad it turned out good! It was great to see eating disorder rep for guys. But yes, all these books are quite character driven, and they all have gorgeous covers!