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A Pet Shop After Dark is a unique, spooky (but not scary), little point-and-click puzzle game about watching over an unusual pet shop by feeding the pets, watering the plants, and never turning off the lights.

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Official Description:

A PET SHOP AFTER DARK is a horror point-and-click visual novel where you’ve taken on an odd job at a little pet shop. the owner tells you the job is easy – all you have to do is water the plants, feed the pets, and stay the night. there’s just one thing – do NOT, under any circumstances, turn off the lights.

More Info:

You can get more info and download the game here on the!


What a cool little game! Fun and slightly spooky (but not scary) with a really unique puzzle element. I loved the ending and how it really tied it all together and made the gameplay make sense, in a trippy sort of way. (Make sure you open the game a few more times even when you think you’re done!) Also, the art style was simplistic but very clean and nicely drawn and enjoyable to look at, and there was fun, spooky music that added nicely to the vibe.

This game is not going to be right for everyone for one very specific reason that has to do with the gameplay, but I can’t explain without a small spoiler that might ruin a bit of the fun for people who really want to puzzle it out on their own. However, there will still be figuring out to do, even once you know. *SPOILER (as small as possible)* Gameplay involves going into the game’s files and folders in your computer. It’s easiest if you download the file and unzip right on your desktop or somewhere easy to find. *END SPOILER* Also, when the game crashes after each night or so, don’t worry. It’s working. Just open it back up.

It’s a quick game that only took me about an hour to complete, it’s name your own price (with $3 getting you a little extra reward), and it was honestly just a delight to play!


(May not include everything)
– Partially accessible for blind / visually impaired players with Renโ€™Py self-voicing mode (press V to toggle) for text and menus, but you will not be able to play if you can’t see the screen due to other elements of gameplay.


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