Bookish News: More January/February 2019 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Releases (+ Kickstarter Opportunities) to Get Excited About


I do a second post for each set of months when I do these upcoming releases posts because there are always books I miss in the first one. Surprisingly, this time there are only three! Are there just not as many books published in January and February? Maybe it’s just coincidence that there aren’t that many books I’m interested in?

Since three books made for a very short post, so I decided to add some cool-looking Kickstarter opportunities that you all might be interested in as well. They’re technically not releasing within these months, but the chance to back them is during these months, so I figure it makes at least some sense 😛

At any rate, here are a few more books to add to your TBRs!

Bang! Bang! BOOM! Vol. 1 by Melanie Schoen & Del Borovic

Bang! Bang! BOOM! Vol. 1 by Melanie Schoen & Del BorovicBlurb:

Bang! Bang! BOOM! takes place in an alternate history version of 1933 America, where technology is booming and magic is a curiosity rather than an impossibility. In this action-packed romance follow the exploits of protagonists Jakub Danowicz and Cheshire Bloom: gangsters, gamblers, and lovers, who for years have fought alongside each other as members of New York’s Kozlow Gang. Jakub’s cunning and unyielding stoicism paired with Cheshire’s carefree spirit and explosive magical abilities have earned them widespread notoriety, but it’s only after Jakub convinces Cheshire to leave town with him for Chicago that their real adventure begins.

Recommended for readers 17+ due to violent and suggestive content.

My Thoughts:

I’ve been talking about this amazing webcomic/graphic novel for a long time now, and I have good news! You can now purchase print and digital copies of the first book in both the graphic novel series and the accompanying prequel novel series! You can even buy some goodies that were previously only available to Kickstarter backers.

Goodreads | Webcomic | Merch Shop

Sins of the Son by Christian Baines // Jan 20

Sins of the Son by Christian BainesBlurb:

Abandoned by his werewolf lover, the only thing Reylan wants is to return to his vampire life of blood and beautiful boys. It’s a solid plan, until his first meal as a single man tries to kill him.

Hoping to free his young would-be assassin from the religious zealots that sent him, Reylan enlists the help of Iain Grieg, a charismatic priest with unsettling knowledge of the night’s secrets.

Surrounded by conflicting agendas and an army fuelled by hate, Reylan fights to secure his future, if he can only trust the mysterious priest and bury the ghosts of the past.

My Thoughts:

I read the first two books in this series some time ago and enjoyed all the supernaturals and darkness, so I’m looking forward to this one! Although I always read series in order, I’ve seen some other reviews mention that it also works well without the previous ones.

Goodreads | Amazon | Author Website

What Dawn Demands by Clara Coulson // Jan 28

What Dawn Demands by Clara CoulsonBlurb:

“Gods never liked it when you beat them at their own games.”

After watching his city fall to pieces during his archenemy’s last attack, Vincent Whelan is finally ready to take the fight to Abarta. But in order to defeat an age-old god and his growing army of vicious fiends, Vince will have to take Kinsale’s selection of subdued paranormals and somehow turn them into a first-rate fighting force.

To complicate matters, the vampires have made themselves at home in Kinsale, and the city’s recovery is threatened by their escalating violence. So when Vince stumbles upon a major scheme in the making, spearheaded by the elder vampire who wants his head on a plate, he’ll have to navigate not only the dangers of Abarta’s next big move but also the rising risk of a vampire insurrection.

A cunning trap that could destroy the city. An ancient summoning that could destroy the world. A pair of powerful people determined to achieve their dark ambitions. And the only thing standing in the way of all this chaos is a half-fae with a cop badge, a cool sword, and a massive chip on his shoulder.

It’s Vincent Whelan versus the forces of absolute destruction, and the odds are far worse than fifty-fifty.

What Dawn Demands is the fourth novel of The Frost Arcana, an action-packed urban fantasy series set in a post-apocalyptic world.

My Thoughts:

I’ve been enjoying this post-apoc urban fantasy series with faeries and other supernatural creatures, and this may have been the most intense and badass one yet!

Goodreads | Amazon | Author Website

The Knight and the Dragon by Torrance Hu // Ends Feb 9

The Knight and the Dragon by Torrance Hu - Kickstarter


You know how the old stories go, “There once was an evil dragon and there was a knight. The knight fought and killed the dragon and the king rewarded the knight and then he got married to the princess.” I want to change all that.

I’m Torrance, and I want to tell you about my book The Knight and the Dragon. I want to let the world know that people who are different from you are not bad people. You shouldn’t judge before you even get to know them. Bringing love to the world has been important. The knight doesn’t always have to get married to the princess. Love is meant for everyone. So I wrote a story for everyone, from little kids to adults because we all deserve love.

My Thoughts:

I must admit I don’t read a ton of picture books, but this one looks absolutely adorable! I love that the creator is turning the knight/dragon/princess trope on its head and creating a new LGBT+ story about acceptance. Plus the art looks beautiful!


The Low City by Walter “Neal” Nealing & Ariana Orner // Ends Feb 21

The Low City by Walter


The Low City is a fantasy, buddy cop, action-adventure that follows D.C., a veteran of the Patrol, and Kail, her naive intern, as they investigate the source of a mysterious new narcotic appearing in their city.

My Thoughts:

This one just looks really fun with some fantastic comic-style art!


Inhibit (Book 1) by Eve Greenwood // Ends Feb 27

Inhibit (Book 1) by Eve Greenwood - Kickstarter


Nine years ago, Victor eagerly joined the UK’s most esteemed superpower training centre. Now approaching his 18th birthday, he’s been kicked out and transferred to a facility for kids who can’t control their powers. Despite a rocky record, he is given one last chance to receive his licence and go home to a normal life. But when he most needs things to go smoothly for once, everything starts to go wrong, and he finds himself tangled in the plot of a mysterious arsonist…

If you like teenage angst, unsettling government organisations, being gay, committing crimes, and expressions that break every law of physics, you might like Inhibit!

My Thoughts:

This one also looks like a lot of fun with lots of action-packed superhero stuff, teenage angst, and lively art!



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  1. Greg

    What Dawn Demands sounds pretty awesome. And there’s so much great Kickstarter stuff out there now. I sometimes wish I had like thousands of dollars just to sink into some of these projects lol.

    I think the Low City looks promising!

  2. Olivia-Savannah Roach

    The Low City looks like it is going to have some artwork and sounds good to me! I am all for What Dawn Demands as well because it has vampires and I really like the idea of all the action packed fights that it sounds like will happen from that synopsis. Also, when I saw Sins of the Son I read the author title as Christian Bale and had a moment where I was like OH MY DAYS HE WROTE A BOOK? Until I reread the author name and understood my mistake 😛

    1. Kristen Burns

      The artwork for that one looks great! The Clara Coulson series has so much action and fighting in every book, I think you’d like it if you like that! Hahaha no Christian Bale book’s that I know of 😛

  3. Jessica

    I think this book came out last year, but I’m just now getting around to reading it. It’s called Echo Volume 4: The Last Edge of Darkness by Kent Wayne. It’s getting good so far. It’s about a planet like ours called Echo. A guy named Atriya who goes into the world of psychic magic. If you do read this, read the first three first.