Poetry: Supernatural Creature Poems (4)


It’s just about Halloween, and that means another set of supernatural creature poems! I’ll admit these might not be my best (I’m tired, I almost didn’t even do these at all), but they might be my last. This is now 16 supernaturals that I’ve written poems about, and I’m running out of options, especially when they have a whole little formula I have to meet that limits the options even more. So enjoy them, in case there are no more, and see if you can guess what supernatural each poem is about! (Reminder: In each poem, if you read just the first word of each line, it forms a sentence that is another clue!)

Grant, gift, favor, or boon—it doesn’t matter the name,
Them, the humans, ask for wealth and power just the same,
Wishes you can twist to your own means against your master,
Three chances for your tricks to turn their life into disaster.

Scream piercing the silence, a keening, shrieking, mournful wail,
Of future events, a warning, from one who sees beyond the veil.
Impending doom your specialty, though you only foretell—
Death will come regardless to the one for whom you yell.

Sing-song schoolyard rhymes, a lullaby held dear,
Your music can be anything that they most want to hear.
Deadly but seductive, you lure them from their ship,
Melody unceasing ’til you have them in your grip.

Cast in glowing candlelight, you stir your bubbling brew:
A lock of hair, some fresh-cut herbs, the energy you imbue.
Magic or potion or poison, many ways it can be spawned;
Spell or charm or hex, at the tips of fingers and wand.

Answers (and the first word of each line clue):
Djinn (Grant them wishes three)
Banshee (Scream of Impending Death)
Siren (Sing your deadly melody)
Witch (Cast a magic spell)

(October 2022)

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  1. Greg

    Oh I didn’t guess the first one but when I hit spoiler I was like dang it! Why didn’t I get that one lol. The second one I think is banshee and ooh love the third one. always partial to mermaids/ sirens/ all those.