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I came up with this idea for some short supernatural creature poems some time ago, and I thought October would be the perfect time to finally write and share them! Not that I need it to be October to talk about supernatural creatures, but still 😛

It should be pretty obvious which supernatural each poem is about, but I’ll put the answers at the end in case you all want to have some fun guessing.

Feast laid out before you, crowds of people, panic-fraught;
On shambling feet you chase, a thing of gnashing, groaning rot.
Human wits are nothing to your single-minded zeal—
Brains so full of juicy life, the most delicious meal.

Haunt-filled stories roam the ether, passed along by lantern light;
Beyond the realm of living, shadows drifting, giving fright.
The screams of mortals a harmony to your rattling and your moans;
Grave purpose moors your soul as time makes ashes of your bones.

Howl in the distance, glowing orb in the sky,
At the junction of dusk and dawn, sending up their cry.
The call can’t be ignored, at the mercy of its pull;
Moon-charmed and marrow-hungry, you must obey its rule.

Drink flows through tender bodies, pulsing drumbeats in the night;
Down flesh the sheen of living, your teeth aching for a bite.
The lust for life maddens, coaxing pleasures, urging pains;
Blood puddles, rivers, and oceans fill your history and your veins.

There’s also a fun little thing about each poem, and this was what my original idea was: the first word of each line for each poem forms a little sentence related to the creature. That added a bit of a challenge, but a fun one 🙂

Answers (and the first word of each line clue):
Zombie (Feast on human brains)
Ghost (Haunt beyond the grave)
Werewolf (Howl at the moon)
Vampire (Drink down the blood)

(October 2019)

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  1. Greg

    Ooh nice especially this time of year! Love the werewolf one, but they’re all good! Perfect for setting a Halloween mood. 🙂

  2. Bookworm Brandee

    This is so cool, Kristen! You’re quite the poet. I liked each of your poems and I did know which supes each were about. I’m impressed. I hope you’ll do more of these. 🙂 Oh, my favorite is the vampire one. 😉

  3. Roberta R.

    They’re so well-structured and sprinkled with clever words. I didn’t notice the first words formed an acronym until you said that – great job!

  4. Olivia-Savannah Roach

    Kristen!! These are actually so good and so cool. You are quite the poet. And they were so thematic and I loved the hidden details with the first word in each line. I actually loved each and every one. And I got my answers right 😉 So… when does your spooky poetry collection come out? 😉