Visual Novel Review: Blind Men by Man-Eater Games


Blind Men is a funny, cute visual novel that plays with spy movie tropes and cliches about a young man applying to become a super villain but having his plans thwarted. Flirt with the suave American spy, work together with the gruff Russian agent, and try to salvage what you can of your failed attempt to get into the League of Evil.

Blind Men Promo Image - Art of a boyishly handsome brunette man wearing a tux and smirking, and a sexy but gruff blonde man wearing a suit and fur-lined jacket and a serious expression

Official Description:

The game follows Keegan, the nephew of a retired super villain known as Sphinx. In hopes of following his uncle’s footsteps, Keegan applies for membership to the League of Evil.

With the only thing missing from his application being proof that he can successfully commit a crime on his own, Keegan is forced to improvise when attempt to rob a museum is interrupted by a couple of agents with their own missions.

A boys’ love visual novel set in an alternate version of the cold war, where supervillains constantly fight spy agencies in a struggle for world domination, Blind Men is a light-hearted parody of spy fiction.

More Info:

You can get more info and download the game here on Steam, here on, or here on the developer’s website!

Long Review:

I loved this! It was so cute and funny and fun! I’m just disappointed it’s not longer because I liked everything about it!

The writing was fun and cute and just the right amount of silly and cliche for the villain/spy premise. Many aspects of the story require suspension of disbelief, but the silliness is absolutely part of the fun.

The art was a pretty, crisp style that I loved (I also liked that the background and characters were in the same style), and there were quite a few unlockables throughout the game, with a gallery to see them again later.

The music was fun and perfect and gave the whole thing just the right vibe, ranging from bouncy spy music to cliche romantic music to whatever other slightly over-the-top music was right for the scene.

There was even some disability rep! The main character, Keegan, wears an eye patch because of an accident when he was younger, and I was glad it wasn’t just an affectation. He actually mentions difficulties with depth perception and how people react to it. And, minor spoiler, Sergei has an advanced hydraulic prosthetic arm.

Hunter’s routes were more fun in a purposefully cliche sort of way. I loved how smoothly charismatic but also kind of insufferable he was with constant pick-up lines and innuendos. Cheesy, but charming. A shameless flirt, but also sweet. He cracked me up.

Sergei’s routes were more quiet and genuine in terms of the relationship that starts forming. But he cracked me up a bit too, just being all gruff and threatening to kill Keegan (and probably meaning it) and punching doors and whatnot.

I wouldn’t really call this a dating sim or romance though; it really is more about the villainy, just with a bit of flirting and possible hint at future romance.

It only took me about four hours to finish all 12 endings (3 for each diamond/kidnapping + Hunter/Sergei combo), but I’m not complaining. I got this as part of the Racial Justice bundle on, and even at full price it’s only $3.99 (last I checked).

Overall just a very cute, fun game that I recommend if you want to have some laughs and look at some pretty art!

Short Review:

– Funny, cute, and just the right amount of cliche
– Pretty art with unlockables
– Perfect, fun music
– Hunter’s routes were funny, Sergei’s more genuine
– Not really a dating sim, more villainy + flirting
– Overall a very fun game that I loved!


(May not include everything)
– Partially accessible for blind / visually impaired players and screen reader users with Ren’Py self-voicing mode (press V to toggle). Game text will be read aloud, but menus will not.


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  1. Greg

    League of Evil. 🙂 This sounds fun. I like short and sweet games sometimes, nothing to super involved, they make for a nice break.

  2. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    I sat here really confused because I swear I commented on this post the other day but now I think I read it when you tweeted and I forgot to actually comment. This game sounds fun. I love a more light-hearted game like this which you know is playing on the villain/spy concept but isn’t trying to take itself too seriously either. And it’s cool theres disability rep and that the MCs eye patch is actually for a reason and shows the imoact on the day to day.