Book Recs: 10 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Western Books


Weird West (sci-fi and fantasy books set in the Old West or worlds inspired by it) is a genre I never expected to like, considering I’ve never had interest in westerns when it comes to movies or shows. But I do like feeling immersed in historical settings, and I like paranormals and magic, so here we are!

These are more fantasy and paranormal than sci-fi, but I tried to get some variety in here. Some are romance, whereas some have romance more in the background. Some are queer. Two are graphic novels. One is YA. And of course they’re all unique stories.

So here are ten SFF books to transport you to the Wild West!

*Note for previous visitors: I originally posted about this with five recommendations. So if any look familiar, that’s why. But this is a new post, with more books.*

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Ruby Run by Sam BurnsBerserker by Emmy LaybournePlume by K. LynnHeartache & Hoofbeats by Maz MaddoxFirelands by Michael Jensen

Ruby Run (Tin Star Witches: The Witches of Ruby Gulch Series) by Sam Burns (Series by Various Authors)

This is a series that features m/m romance, but each book is written by a different author, and they don’t really connect, but they’re set in the same town. Oh, and they’re about witches! I enjoyed these and liked that they had some POC and disabled characters. There are also more books in the “Beyond Ruby Gulch” series.
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Berserker (Berserker Series) by Emmy Laybourne

This is a YA that combines the Old West with Norse Mythology and includes non-explicit romance and imperfect but sweet family relationships. It’s the first in a series, each book about different but connected characters. I haven’t read the next book, but I enjoyed this one.
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Plume by K. Lynn

This one is a complete graphic novel/webcomic about a girl in Old West set on revenge, accompanied by her paranormal guardian. It’s a fun, slightly bittersweet story, and the art is pretty with a distinct style.
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Heartache & Hoofbeats (Stallion Ridge Series) by Maz Maddox

This is a sweet, slightly steamy, sometimes angsty m/m paranormal romance series set in an Old West world that is technically not ours but very similar. Each book focuses on a different couple, and all of them feature paranormal beings and shifters you don’t come across very often, like centaurs and phoenixes.
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Firelands by Michael Jensen

This is a m/m romance with a Native American love interest, about strange attacks that might be from a wendigo. Also about starting over and discovering your true self. It’s vaguely horror-ish, with a lot of mystery and suspense, though the paranormal is a bit up to interpretation.
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American Hippo by Sarah GaileyUnbury Carol by Josh MalermanThe Six-Gun Tarot by R.S. BelcherThe Devil's Revolver by V.S. McGrathHotblood! A Centaur in the Old West by Toril Orlesky

American Hippo by Sarah Gailey

There’s no magic or paranormal creatures in this one, but there are hippos, and that counts for something. These two novellas (put together into one book) are set in an alternate history where the characters ride hippos instead of horses, which is super cool, and I love how diverse and morally gray the characters are.
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Unbury Carol by Josh Malerman

This standalone is about a women who falls into a death-like state every so often and the mysterious, infamous outlaw ex-lover who comes to save her. The story sometimes blurs the line between the real and the paranormal, and it’s got some surprising twists.
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The Six-Gun Tarot (Golgotha Series) by R.S. Belcher

This series is more quintessential Weird West than some of the other books here, and it takes place in a little town called Golgotha where the residents are pretty accustomed to strange things happening. It’s got a large cast of characters, each with their own strange and/or heart-breaking secrets.
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The Devil’s Revolver (The Devil’s Revolver Series) by V.S. McGrath

This series blends the Old West with magic and is about a girl who wields a cursed revolver that kind of has a mind of its own and also makes her a year older each time she uses it to kill someone. The world is interesting, and though there’s some darkness to the story, the motley crew of characters is fun.
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Hotblood! A Centaur in the Old West by Toril Orlesky

This was the first thing I read that could be called a western. It’s a M/M graphic novel/webcomic about, you guessed it, a centaur in the Old West! It’s a cute story with some gorgeous landscape artwork and more morally gray characters.
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West of Loathing Promo Image

Bonus: West of Loathing

This post is about books, but I couldn’t help but include a recommendation for a fantastic game. An RPG with puzzles and turn-based combat that takes place in an Old West kinda world filled with goblins and necromancers and demon cows and all sorts of wacky things. It’s so hilarious and so fun!
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  1. Greg

    I love Weird West and was surprised to find how far back it goes ( I found some old comics with decided Weird west vibes even though I don’t THINK it was called that back then). Anyway… I remember thinking Berserker sounded good. I loved Six Gun Tarot. I didn’t love american Hippo but it got me reading more of her stuff and I love her stuff now, plus it was pretty interesting. 🙂