Book Review: Last Dragon Standing (Heartstrikers Book 5) by Rachel Aaron

A threat is facing the world that could wipe out the entire plane as everyone knows it. Humans, mages, spirits, and dragons from all the different clans will have to combine their powers and work together---a feat that has never been accomplished before---if they want any chance of stopping it, and it will be up to Julius the Nice Dragon to make it happen.

Book Review: Last Dragon Standing (Heartstrikers Book 5) by Rachel Aaron | reading, books, urban fantasy, dragons
Title: Last Dragon Standing
Book Number: Book 5
Pages: 319
My Rating: 4 Stars
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This was the fifth and final book in the Heartstrikers series, and everything that’s been building up in all the books really came together in an explosive finale!

Possibly the best thing about this series was the whole cast of characters—including dragons, mages, and spirits—all of whom were unique, three-dimensional, and oddly likeable or at least interesting and entertaining. So it was great seeing all of them come together against a common enemy in this book.

It was also great getting to finally learn more about Bob and the reasons for all his plotting and planning and manipulating.

I also enjoyed seeing how everything in the plot went down. The magic system in this series is so complex and detailed and thought-out, and it played such a big part in everything. The plot itself was complex too in the way that everything led to everything else which led to how things culminated in the end. There was a lot to keep up with between Bob’s plots, all the different characters, and the happenings in the Sea Magic, but the author pulled it off so well.

I was really happy with how things ended for many of the characters individually too. *SPOILER* I actually felt bad for Bob upon realizing how lonely he was, why it’s so hard for them to have relationships, and why they go mad, so I was happy that he got his Nameless End back in the end. I think they both do have some kind of feelings for each other; exactly what those feelings are, I’m not sure, but they care. I mean, no longer having seer powers at the end, Bob could’ve started dating other dragons, but he didn’t even want to. He still wanted her, pigeon form and all, and I think that’s sweet. I think even Ian and Svena have some sort of feelings for each other. And of course there’s Chelsie and Xian. And Julius and Marci. And Julius realizing that Justin has always been there for him and treated him like a real brother was a nice moment. Lots of characters were happy in the end, and that made me happy. *END SPOILER*

Overall, this was a very satisfying ending to a great series with action-packed plots, a complex magic system, lots of magic and spirits and dragons, and a whole interesting cast of characters!


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  1. Greg

    Ooh so here we are with book five! Nice- and awesome cover too. Sounds like it really ended well – glad the author was able to pull it off. That’s pretty impressive for a 5 book story.

  2. Olivia Roach

    I love when everything comes together at long last and it seems like this series knows how to do a finale. I am glad everything came together so well and that you were able to really love all the plot threads tying up. And the range of magical characters and their personalities all sound epic. It must have been such a fun read!