Book Review: Warriors (Hell Divers Book 7) by Nicholas Sansbury Smith [Audiobook]

Between infections, coups, cannibals, and robots, the Metal Islands and all the people living on them are far from safe. It will be once again up to the Hell Divers and their new allies to brave the wastelands, fight the enemies, and keep everyone safe.

Book Cover - Warriors by Nicholas Sansbury Smith
Title: Warriors
Book Number: Book 7
Pages: 487
My Rating: 4 Stars
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This was another great addition to the series. Super action-packed. Super tense. Lots of things that had been building up finally reaching their conclusion in a very explosive way (though the story is not over). The book was emotional at times, in both good and bad ways, because there were people dying, but there were also a lot of touching moments among the characters and their relationships.

*SPOILERS for previous books in the series.*

But oh my GOSH. How am I supposed to not cry when X—fucking X—keeps crying????! And saying sweet things to people??????!! And thinking about how they’re like the son or daughter he never had?????????!!?!?!?!!?!??? Ugh. My heart.


I’ve said before that R.C. Bray isn’t my favorite narrator, his narration doesn’t sound natural to me and voices aren’t all that different for different characters, but his dramatic style does suit the action really well.

Not much else to say that I haven’t said six times already. These are intense, action-packed post-apocalyptic books with complex world-building and great characters who are flawed, tough as nails, and good-hearted. This was another great book!

*Rating: 4 Stars // Read Date: 2021 // Format: Audiobook*


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