Book Review: Skip Trace (Chaos Station Book 3) by Jenn Burke & Kelly Jensen

Zander is finally being reunited with his family, and Felix knows he should be happy for Zander, but feeling out of place makes all his inner demons come back with a vengeance and creates a rift between the two men. Felix's feelings aren't the only thing Zander has to worry about though; the AEF aren't happy he's alive and are accusing him of breaching confidentiality, and at this point he doesn't know how far they might go to keep Dreamweaver under wraps.

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Title: Skip Trace
Book Number: Book 3
Pages: 211
My Rating: 4 Stars
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This might sound strange, but I LOVE struggles in romantic relationships (in books). Easy relationships are cute, but I like the difficult ones—the ones where the characters are keeping themselves apart because they have inner demons or history or others things coming from inside the relationship to overcome. And this series, well, even in this third book, the characters still hadn’t gotten their shit together enough to settle into a happy relationship with each other, and I loved that they still had so many emotional struggles to overcome.

What’s also great is that there were still actual plots to all of the books, things outside the relationship they were trying to accomplish, but the authors use those plots in a great way and a way that furthered the relationship and personal struggles of Zander and Felix so that the characters still seem to take center stage. It was all just woven together so well.

I also loved how real these characters were. They all had flaws. None of them were too perfect or always knew the right thing to do. Zander and Felix both had insecurities and pain and inner struggles. And poor Felix—I felt so terrible for him this time especially because I could understand why he felt out of place, but he just was not handling things well emotionally. Then of course that also hurt Zander and made Elias, Nessa, and Qek concerned… so lots of feels all around. (Honestly, when I read these books, I was really stressed and distracted, and I think it impeded my ability to truly feel the emotion super strongly myself, but there was definitely emotion there.)

There was still a bit of a deus ex machina feel because of the thing that happened in Book 2, but, again, it was a minor thing and easy to overlook when everything else was so good.

So yeah, overall, this was another great book in the series with lots of emotional situations and obstacles for the characters (from both outside and inside themselves) but also lots of sweet romantic, friend, and family love!


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    1. Kristen Burns

      There can be drama that comes from outside the relationship, but I just love those relationship struggles, haha. They do add a lot of drama and tension and emotion!

  1. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    Glad this book could deliver in giving you romantic struggles as the couple can’t sort their shit out for a happily ever after. I do enjoy some romantic struggles from time to time because things being too easy just never feels real. And it makes it all the more rewarding when they finally sort their shit out and finally get together.

    1. Kristen Burns

      It does feel too easy sometimes, although in real life, that would be a good thing lol. But the struggles add so much emotion and tension and do make it more rewarding!

  2. Greg

    This sounds like a pretty good sci- fi with nice romantic elements too. I do like to read about relationship struggles, especially when they’re in a pressure cooker type environment plot-wise- the added stress is always fun to read about haha! Glad this series is going strong!

    I like th sound of the ship too- with a name like Chaos… 🙂

  3. Olivia Roach

    I am so for character driven books where the plot is really good and strong too, outside of the romantic relationship struggles. Also, I am so for relationship struggles! I feel like often the characters get together at the end of the series and the book, and we never get to see them being together and going through the struggles of being in a relationship or whatever the plot throws their way. My favourite romances often are ones who get together in book one or the beginning, and then have to handle problems that come their way.

    1. Kristen Burns

      It’s the best when books are equally as great with both characters and plot! And that’s so true. So few series or books show what happens to characters once they’re in a relationship.