Book Review: Phase Shift (Chaos Station Book 5) by Jenn Burke & Kelly Jensen

After going through so much, both separately and together, to reach this point, Zander is about to ask Felix to marry him when the Chaos is suddenly hacked and information about Project Dreamweaver is stolen. Following the data trail, Zander and Felix head to a planet in the middle of nowhere only to crash land and get stuck there. When they find out what's going on, they know they have to stop it, but first they have to figure out how to escape and get help.

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Title: Phase Shift
Book Number: Book 5 of 5
Pages: 207
My Rating: 4 Stars
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After writing reviews for four other books, I’m not sure what I can say that I haven’t said numerous times already. The characters in this series were so realistic and developed, and the world-building was absolutely incredible with all the details and thought and backstory that went into it. I also loved the friendships and Zander’s family relationships, and the romance between Zander and Felix was rocky but ultimately adorable.

One difference in this book as opposed to the others though was that there was less relationship drama. I actually loved all the drama and struggles between the two men in the other books, and they still had the issue of marriage to argue about in this one, but, since this was the last in the series, it was nice to see them finally working together as partners and no longer doubting the others’ feelings or whether they were right for each other.

I have to admit that this book did lose my interest a bit during the more engineering/military-heavy parts, like the bomb-building and plan-creating and whatnot, but it still wasn’t like it was hard sci-fi, so it was just a minor thing.

Overall, this was a solid final book that tied up any possible loose ends there might’ve been and altogether a great series with a rich world (or rather, universe) and lovable characters I’m going to miss!


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  1. Greg

    I feel like after five books if the relationship feels real and/ or hard won but realistic, that’s a pretty good writing feat! So does this wrap up the story/ series? If so, it sounds like it went out on a high note!

  2. Olivia Roach

    Way to have your engagement plans ruined 😛 But I love that this is the finale of the book and from the beginning to now you can see how much the characters have developed individually but also as a couple. Although you mentioned there still being a few issues to work through, it must have been so nice to see them working together and trusting each other. It sounds like this was quite the worthy finale to it 😉

  3. Lola

    This is such a great series. I just started reading book 3, so I only skimmed through your review as to not read any spoilers. It sure can be hard to review later books in a series sometimes as it feels like you’re repeating yourself. Zander and Felix and such great character and I like their romance. And the rest of the crew is awesome too and the world building! I am still glad I heard of this series thanks to you and discovered both these authors as I am reading their solo books now too.

    1. Kristen Burns

      I’m happy you’re liking it so much too! And that you’ve found new authors you like in general, since you’re liking their other books 🙂 It does get hard to review series books sometimes though!