Book Review: It Ends With Us (Tales of the Tuath Dé Book 4) by Tess Barnett

A war is coming, so Julien, Noah, Trent, and Ciaran have decided to work with Julien's family, and having magical beings and hunters under the same roof is going about as well as expected. Noah and Julien work to stop demon possessions and portal openings while Trent and Ciaran go to help the fae fight the Alfar, and if they don't all succeed, they may not get their happily ever after.

Book Cover - It Ends With Us by Tess Barnett
Title: It Ends With Us
Book Number: Book 4
Pages: 288
My Rating: 4 Stars
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This was a nice conclusion to a series I really enjoyed!

I just really like these characters and their relationships. That’s what really made these books for me. I am going to miss Noah, Julien, Trent, and Ciaran. Julien especially had a lot of growth over the course of this series. I didn’t even like him in the first book, but now that I understand how he was raised and see the person he’s become by the end, I think he’s pretty great. It was also kinda fun getting to see all of Julien’s brothers this time. The author did a good job of making a whole bunch of characters who all felt different but still realistic.

I was a little disappointed that the two couples were apart for most this book (as in, Trent and Ciaran were doing one thing, Noah and Julien were doing something else). I liked having them together in the last book, seeing their unlikely allies/friends dynamic. I also felt like there wasn’t a lot of time spent with Trent and Ciaran, and the time we did spend with them was mostly with one or the other, unless they were having sex. I just would’ve liked to see a bit more of their relationship and how it’s growing, since this was the last book.

This was a satisfying ending though. Everything was wrapped up in a nice way. The story was good. Maybe a touch anti-climactic for a final book and a whole war / coming apocalypse, or whatever it was, since it was more a series of small things happening rather than one big battle, but that’s not a big deal to me. It just meant we got to enjoy time with the characters and see more of their relationships and growth.

Overall, this was a fun series that had fae, witches, a nice balance of silliness and heaviness, sweet romances, and, most importantly, wonderful characters I came to love and am going to miss!

*Rating: 4 Stars // Read Date: 2021 // Format: Ebook via TTS*


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