Book Review: The ABCs of Spellcraft Collection Volume 1 (Books 1-4) by Jordan Castillo Price [Audiobook]


Dixon comes from a family of spellcrafters but failed his test and has been working as a meal delivery person instead. But when he enters a greeting card contest, he discovers something weird is going on, ends up with a hot spellcrafter boyfriend, and they embark on a road trip to try and find Dixon's missing uncle.

Individual Descriptions: In Quill Me Now, a failed spellcrafter enters a contest to write greeting cards only to find himself trying to help a hot guy trapped by magic in indentured servitude. In All That Glitters, Yuri meets Dixon's parents who don't yet know he's a spellcrafter too. In Trouble in Taco Town, Dixon and Yuri go looking for Dixon's uncle and find a tourist town that appears to have been sabotaged by magic. In Something Stinks at the Spa, Dixon and Yuri pretend to be spa staff at a resort while trying to fix a spell gone wrong. In Dead Man's Quill, Dixon and Yuri finally find Dixon's uncle and try to figure out how to break a curse.

Book Cover - The ABCs of Spellcraft Collection Vol. 1 by Jordan Castillo Price
Title: The ABCs of Spellcraft Collection Volume 1
Book Number: Books 1-4
Pages: 394
My Rating: 3.5 Stars
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I listened to the audiobook of The ABCs of Spellcraft Volume 1, which collects the first four novellas and a short story, but I’m going to do a separate mini review for each.

Quill Me Now (Book 1) – This was light and fluffy and cute! Nothing too deep, just an enjoyable story with some fun ridiculousness and a quick romance. Something that isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. (I’ve come to realize, having read a few more books in the series already, that these are kind of like a sitcom with their exaggerated, humorous situations. Also, while I’m using this paranthetical to talk about the series in general, there are mentions of sex, but nothing I’d really call explicit scenes. Now back to the review for Book 1.) This was just the start of things and leads into a bigger story arc, so there’s still time to get to know these two and their relationship better. Even so, they already had their own unique personalities in this one. There was also a cool magic system involving painting and writing. I enjoyed this!

All That Glitters (Book 1.5) – This was a cute little short story extra in the series. Not a lot happens, but I would say it’s good to read if you’re reading the series because it shows Yuri meeting Dixon’s parents. And you get to know Dixon’s family a tiny bit better. The ending cracked me up. A fun little addition.

Trouble in Taco Town (Book 2) – This was another cute, light, slightly ridiculous in a fun way novella. Dixon is the most hopeful, optimistic, glass half full kinda person, and Yuri is not, and it makes for a fun dynamic sometimes. I also liked learning a little more about the magic system and how it works. The plot and characters had their usual silliness and made me chuckle. You can’t take these books too seriously, but they’re fun.

Something Stinks at the Spa (Book 3) – This one ratcheted up the ridiculousness to new heights and was maybe a bit much at times, but I tried to just roll with it and enjoy it for the fun, light novella that it was. These books are kinda like a sitcom with their humor and silly shenanigans. I did chuckle some, and I enjoyed the cuteness of the relationship deepening. I liked seeing how the two men see each other from their POVs.

Dead Man’s Quill (Book 4) – This one had a little more urgency and seriousness to it than the previous books, but it still had the same overall light, fluffy feel. There was still a bit of the signature ridiculousness of the series, and Dixon’s signature optimism and obliviousness, and overall it was another fun addition to the series that wrapped up the story arc about Dixon’s Uncle Fonzo. It was nice to finally get some answers about that, I once again enjoyed seeing this unique magic system in action, and it was sweet seeing just how much Yuri cares about Dixon, even if a part of him still seems to be struggling with believing Dixon will stick around. These are silly books, for sure, but enjoyable.

I listened to the audiobook for this, and the narration by Nick Hudson was great. He really brought the characters, especially Dixon, to life with his natural and enthusiastic narration. It suited the writing, story, and style of humor perfectly. I’m not sure how good his Russian accent was, it didn’t sound exactly like other Russian accents I’ve heard, but I’m no expert. It was still a great audiobook.

Overall this was a fun, sitcom-esque collection of novellas with a cute relationship and interesting magic, and I’m enjoying the series!

*Rating: 3.5 Stars // Read Date: 2020 // Format: Audiobook*


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  1. Lola

    I read the first book in this series, but found the ridiculousness a bit too much for my taste at time,s but it was a fun and light read indeed. Good to know the rest of the series continues in a similar vein. Glad to hear it worked well in audio.