Book Recs: 10 Christmas-Themed Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books (2)


A few years ago, I did a post about Christmas-themed sci-fi/fantasy books, and each year around the holidays, it’s one of my most visited posts. It seems people want more SFF Christmas books, so I’m back with more book suggestions for the holiday season!

Once again, a quick reminder, I didn’t personally love all of these, but everyone has different taste! So I still wanted to give them some attention so that other readers who might love them can find them. If I’ve reviewed the book, I’ll link to my review (whether it’s positive, negative, or somewhere in-between), and that way you can decide if it seems like a book for you! (If I haven’t reviewed a book and you want my personal opinion, you can ask me!)

A Vampire for ChristmasWinterdream by Chantal GadourySchmuck the Buck by EXO BooksA Vampire's Christmas Carol by Cynthia EdenA Christmas to Die For by Jessica Frances

A Vampire for Christmas by Various Authors

This is an anthology of five short stories, each one a romance with a vampire, all taking place around Christmas time. [Amazon // My Review]

Winterdream by Chantal Gadoury

This one is a cute YA Nutcracker retelling. [Amazon // My Review]

Schmuck the Buck by EXO Books

This graphic novel/picture book for adults about Santa’s Jewish reindeer is really funny and a lot of fun! [Amazon // My Review]

A Vampire’s Christmas Carol by Cynthia Eden

This novella retells the story of A Christmas Carol, but with a vampire main character and a focus on romance. [Amazon]

A Christmas to Die For by Jessica Frances

This m/m romance has a unique twist in which Santa and his team are all reindeer-shapeshifting aliens at war with elves on their home planet of Christmas, and the main character from Earth is the only one who can save them. [Amazon]

The Vampire's Christmas Dinner by TJ NicholsSnowed in with Santa by Helen AllanAnna and the Apocalypse by Katharine TurnerThe Vampire Grinch by Lacey-Anne FryeThe Afterlife of Holly Chase by Cynthia Hand

The Vampire’s Christmas Dinner by TJ Nichols

This m/m story is short but fun and sexy, about a vampire who allows himself to indulge once a year on Christmas by telling his truth and then draining his chosen victim, except this time his victim makes a deal. [Amazon // My Review]

Snowed in with Santa by Helen Allan

This one is a cute romance about a jobless single mom getting temporary work at a resort and falling for a guest who just might be the real Santa, and it’s filled with silly Christmas puns. [Amazon // My Review]

Anna and the Apocalypse by Katharine Turner

This one honestly isn’t very Christmas-y, but it’s a zombie apocalypse story set at Christmas time, with a lot of death and a dash of humor. [Amazon // My Review]

The Vampire Grinch by Lacey-Anne Frye

This m/m novella (or possibly short story) is about a Christmas-hating vampire discovering the holiday can be good if you spend it with the right people. [Amazon // My Review]

The Afterlife of Holly Chase by Cynthia Hand

This YA Christmas Carol inspired story about a girl working as the Ghost of Christmas Past is surprisingly touching and has a lot of great character growth. [Amazon // My Review]

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Book Recs: 10 Christmas-Themed Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books (1)
Book Recs: 10 Christmas-Themed Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books (2)
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  1. Greg

    Ooh holiday recs. These are always good. For some reason I love Christmas themed fantasy or SF. Who knows why? I like vampires at holiday time too

  2. Flora Gatehouse

    What a good idea for a post. Doing Blogmas this year has highlighted a gap in my bookshelves – I haven’t read many seasonal paranormal romances or fantasy romances. Thanks for giving me some titles to check out, Kit.

  3. Cee Arr

    OMG I didn’t know Anna and the Apocalypse was a book! I love the film – have you seen the film?! It’s so random and I love it!!! Lol

  4. ShootingStarsMag

    I don’t think I’ve read many SFF Christmas books, so thanks for sharing all of these. I am curious about Anna and the Apocalypse by Katharine Turner- isn’t it a movie too?