Bookish News: 2022 Queer SFF Books I’m Excited For


There are so many amazing-sounding queer sci-fi/fantasy books releasing this year! It was hard for me to choose just ten for this post, but making these kinds of blog posts is a lot of work, so I had to make a limit for my own sake. Sharing excitement is fun though!

I decided to go with just books releasing in January through June for this post, with the hopes that I will do another one for the second half of the year. I’ve also stuck to standalones and first-in-series books. And I split it up so that the first five are adult books, and the other half is YA books.

I know a lot of these have already gotten lots of hype, but they do sound good, and maybe I’ve included a few that people haven’t seen yet!

(Side note: This could’ve just been a book covers post because damn, these are some great covers!)

*I’ve updated and will continue to update the post to add links to my reviews for some of these books.*

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Oak King Holly King by Sebastian NothwellThe Magic Between by Stephanie HoytA Taste of Gold and Iron by Alexandra RowlandReal Hero Shit Vol. 1 by Kendra WellsDark Factory by Kathe Koja

Oak King Holly King by Sebastian Nothwell

I was immediately drawn to this cover, and the premise about a m/m romance between a human and a fae sounds lovely!
Amazon // Goodreads // My Review

The Magic Between by Stephanie Hoyt

This one sounds like such an enjoyable light romance between a pop star and a hockey player with a bit of magic thrown in.
Amazon // Goodreads

A Taste of Gold and Iron by Alexandra Rowland

Royalty, political intrigue, m/m romance, and the ability to “touch-taste” precious metals—this one sounds so interesting.
Amazon // Goodreads // My Review

Real Hero Shit Vol. 1 by Kendra Wells

This is the only one of the list I’ve read so far, and I loved it! A very fun and funny graphic novel full of bright colors, lots of queer rep (bi/pan MC, other nonbinary and not-straight characters), a lovably insufferable main character, and fantasy shenanigans.
Amazon // Goodreads // My Review

Dark Factory by Kathe Koja

This is probably the least SFF book on this list, in that it sounds like very near sci-fi, with technology that is maybe almost possible. Anyway, it’s about a nightclub with altered or virtual reality, and I’m really intrigued! I’m also intrigued by the way the author is using other media, like a website, to further expand the book out into the world and make it a more immersive experience. I’m not sure what the queer rep is, but I’ve seen it categorized and described as such.
Amazon // Goodreads

Three Left Turns to Nowhere by Jeffrey Ricker, J. Marshall Freeman, & 'Nathan BurgoineAll That's Left in the World by Erik J. BrownThe Alpha's Son by Penny JessupOut of the Blue by Jason JuneThe Loophole by Naz Kutub

Three Left Turns to Nowhere by Jeffrey Ricker, J. Marshall Freeman, & ‘Nathan Burgoine

This one is a anthology of three novellas, all queer, all taking place in the same little town, all with a small bit of fantasy/magic. They all sound like such nice, feel-good stories.
Amazon // Goodreads // My Review

All That’s Left in the World by Erik J. Brown

Post-apocalyptic romance between two teen boys. Also secrets. And a dangerous journey across the country. I don’t actually know much more about this one, I just know it sounds like something I want to read.
Amazon // Goodreads // My Review

The Alpha’s Son by Penny Jessup

This one sounds like a cute teen wolf shifter romance! Maybe a sort of enemies-to-lovers dynamic? Also the start of a series, and I love series.
Amazon // Goodreads // My Review

Out of the Blue by Jason June

I love merfolk stories and need more of them in my life! And this one about a nonbinary merperson fake dating a human boy sounds super cute.
Amazon // Goodreads

The Loophole by Naz Kutub

There’s a lot going on in the description for this one, in the best way. Queer Indian-Muslim rep. A magical being that grants wishes. A second chance romance. Friendship. A journey across the world. Altogether, it sounds great!
Amazon // Goodreads


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  1. Suz

    I can always rely on you to find Really interesting books.
    ‘Real Hero Shit’ – OMG what a fantastic title. The author deserves to be a hit just for coming up with that.
    But look at the cover on ‘All That’s Left in the World”. It’s like they’re sitting on it. I love it. The story sounds good too.
    Hope you enjoy reading them.