The Weekly Update: 12/4/16


So… I might have carpal tunnel in my right wrist from using the computer too much. Or maybe tendonitis. Or some other joint-related thing? Whatever it is, it’s something. And this is a problem, to say the least, because not only do I need to use the computer to blog (which, along with reading, keeps me sane), I also need it in order to work. So I’m really hoping that whatever it is will just heal on its own—quickly—but I guess we’ll see. For now I’m resting, icing, and sometimes wearing this crazy contraption to see if it helps, though I think the brace might be making it worse?

Wrist Brace

And to top it all off, the painters are still disrupting my sleep, and a plumber worked on the plumbing for the building but screwed up the water pressure, so I have to practically stand against the wall just to take a shower -_-

But anyway, this post was already ready, and I have almost all my December posts ready, so I’ll still be posting, and I’ll still be around and reading posts and whatnot while I’m attempting to heal, I just may not be able to comment much until my wrist feels better. Or my comments will be like, “Great post!” but I promise I’ll actually mean it lol.

So everyone please have a better week than I am having and don’t hate me for being a crappy commenter for a while!








Blog/Bookish Updates:

Since I don’t know when Cover Characteristics will officially be back, I wanted to let anyone who’s interested know that I’ll be posting cover featuring snow on 12/5, snow globes on 12/12, and my favorites covers from books I read this year on 12/19. If anyone wants to join in on those topics, go ahead and come visit so that I can check out yours too!

Books I Received for Review:

Succubus by Brandon Varnell | reading, books
A Face without a Heart by Rick R. Reed
Unfolding by Jonathan Friesen | reading, books

A Face Without a Heart is a modern day Dorian Grey retelling! How awesome is that?? And Unfolding has an MC with epilepsy and scoliosis, which is also awesome! (Not that he has those problems of course, just that disability is being included.)

Books I Finished:

Raven (A Creepy Hollow Story) by Rachel Morgan | reading, books
King’s Lament
Lilia Blanc
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens | reading, books

Raven was fun but quick since it was a standalone novella in the Creepy Hollow series. King’s Lament had potential and wasn’t all bad, but I had quite a few issues that kinda piled up.

Song of the Week:

I’ve actually just been listening to J. Armand’s Immortal Coil playlist all week. It reminds me of the characters which makes me happy, but it’s also just good music.


In Case You Missed It:

– I shared my method for keeping track of blog posts using a spreadsheet. (P.S. You can download my 2017 spreadsheet for your own use!)
– I reviewed Snowed by Maria Alexander, a unique, dark take on the Santa & Krampus lore.
– I reviewed Letting Lier and Finding Pax by Harper Moon, a somewhat dark M/M book set in space.
– I reviewed Raven by Rachel Morgan, a novella about faeries, forbidden romance, and high fashion.

The Sunday Post Link-Up:

Once again, I’m linking up to The Sunday Post at Caffeinated Book Reviewer šŸ™‚


Talk to me!

Did you find any good books or movies last week?
Know any good remedies for carpal tunnel or wrist problems, other than ice and rest? :-/


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  1. Greg

    Sorry to hear about the carpal or whatever it is. Hopefully nothing serious, I’ve heard the carpal can hurt like a bitch. And the water pressure? That would piss me off to no end lol, so yeah… I don’t blame you. šŸ™‚ Here’s to a better week this time aorund.

    “Great post” lol. See you have to add “Here’s mine” to the end of that if you’re going to do it right. Ha ha I kid.

    Okay Succubus looks fun because the title. And Unfolding because one green eye and general spookiness.

    The only movie I saw lst week was The Shallows, a shark flick. It was okay, not really great but it had its moments. Not many, now that I reflect lol.

    1. Kristen Burns

      Thanks. I’m just worried because I really need to be able to use my wrist, but right now even using it a little seems to make it hurt a lot. It’s not terrible pain, but it’s very disproportionate to the amount my wrist is being used -_-

      I’m mostly intrigued by the silver hair and awesome silver suit thing on the Succubus cover, haha. And lol about The Shallows. It really didn’t look like it’d be very good to me.

  2. chucklesthescot

    I think diversity is gradually creeping more into books but TV has a long way to go. Why aren’t there more series featuring characters with all kinds of disabilities? It seems strange to me. The success of the Paralympics in the UK now has TV ads with disabled people but that took a long time to happen and again, there should be much more. Ugh, I hope you can get some relief from your pain soon. Remedies? To help sleep, soak hands and wrists in warm-hot water 15 minutes before going to bed. This article has a lot of info and might give you a few things to try, just check safety advice first especially if using essential oils.

    1. Kristen Burns

      Disney Channel had one show with a character with kidney disease or something, and it made me so happy, but he got a donor and was cured so it didn’t last long. Thanks for the link!

  3. Geraldine @ Corralling Books

    That’s horrible to hear that your wrists/joints are having issues šŸ™ Hopefully it heals on its own, but if not, please see a doctor! <3
    AND THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR SPREADSHEET! I'll have to use it in 2017, right from the start! ^_^

  4. Melissa

    Ouch…I hope that your wrist feels better soon. So many of us are typing all day at work and then for the blogs…it’s a wonder we don’t all have carpel tunnel or something.

  5. Maureen Beatrice

    Sorry to hear about your wrist. I hope it gets better soon!
    Unfolding sounds like a good one! Also love that cover.
    I hope next week will be better for you and happy reading! šŸ˜‰

  6. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    Oh no! I hope your wrist feels better soon because that sounds the absolute worst. I am amazed I haven’t developed some kind of computer related injury considering the amount of time I spend using them but it is insane. Hopefully resting it will help but otherwise I have no helpful advice to help you recover. Sorry to hear the problems in your building, there is nothing worse than poor water pressure ruining a perfectly good shower. Hopefully they’ll finish up soon and fix the water pressure problem while they’re at it.

      1. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

        I hate when people have to come round to fix things. I’m always questioning what I should do with myself. Do I stand and watch them like I don’t trust them? Do I chat with them? Do I just let them in then try and avoid them in my own home? Why is there not handymen etiquette guidelines?

        1. Kristen Burns

          Ugh, I hate it too, for various reasons. But this whole thing has become ridiculous because now they’re saying they might have to replace all the pipes and everything in each apartment. Seriously? They worked on the plumbing, that didn’t have any problems I knew of, only to then break the plumbing for half the building and then not even care and try to place the blame elsewhere? I seriously have enough to deal with without this. And I still have no water pressure.

          1. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

            Well, that is actually the worst. How do you break something which didn’t need fixing? That is actually illogical in so many ways. They just need to fix the water pressure, it’s not hard. I mean, it’s a bigger scale than a house but it’s the same premise. You just have to twist the little tap and check the water pressure on the boiler. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they fix it soon for you.

  7. Elnade

    I had this same issue a few years ago in both wrists. It really is a pain. The brace really does help, so continue using it along with icing and Ibuprofen. Also, I highly recommend that you start taking 1000mg of Flaxseed oil every day. Someone recommended it to me when I was going through this and that is what cured it. I still take the flaxseed and haven’t had issues since, except when I run out and don’t have time to get more. Then I sometimes have a flair up. Still rest, ice and ibuprofen are the best remedies for now. Good luck.

  8. Lampshade Reader

    Sorry no remedies other than ice, rest, and a wrist brace. My husband has it and did the brace for awhile. It flares up every now and then.

    Hope it gets easier for you, it sucks with all that going on right now. Hope the neighbors aren’t fighting anymore LOL ~Aleen

  9. Samantha

    So sorry to hear you are having such a crappy week! That sucks! Hopefully your wrist gets better soon and the water pressure gets fixed.

  10. Lola

    I am so sorry to hear about your wrist, I really hope it will heal fast! I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to not be able to use my wrist. And like you said you need the computer for everything. And no worries about the comments, I am just glad to know when you stopped by even if you leave a short comment.
    That is a good thing you already have most of your December posts ready, so at least you don’t have to worry about that. Are there any exercises you can do for wrist injuries, some stretches might help? Or maybe massage it? Ibuprofen also should help with swelling if I am correct. It does look like you had a good reading week as you finished 3 books. I hope you’ll have a great week!

    1. Kristen Burns

      Thanks šŸ™‚ I think exercise might make it worse though, and I’m allergic to ibuprofen :-/ But I’m gonna try some other things.

      One of these books was less than 100 pages and ogre was only like 117. It’s not as impressive as it looks lol.

  11. suzanna

    That is one serious brace on your wrist. I can sympathize though. I had repetitive strain last year and it’s only just easing off. I got very good at using my other hand.
    I like the cover on Unfolding. Love the girl’s green eye.
    Hope you’re soon better – but it’s a good excuse to do more reading šŸ™‚

  12. Deborah

    Sorry to hear about your wrist, but it’s great you’ve got posts planned and scheduled and hopefully you can take it easily for a little while.

    I’m actually going to take a break over the Xmas / New Year period… I just haven’t decided when / how long yet.

    1. Kristen Burns

      Thanks šŸ™‚ I always knew I’d need those extra posts one day lol. I’m not taking a break for Christmas time, but I am posting a little less than usual.

  13. La La in the Library

    Ugh, what a craptastic week you had! I hope all you have is tendoinitis. For some reason I had it reoccurring in my right wrist/forearm region for about three years and then it went away. I haven’t had a flare up in about five years. Icing and a wrist brace is what I did, too. Someday I need to sit down and figure out what lifestyle change may have stopped the flares. I hope it clears up for you soon. I will be dropping back around to see what I missed on your blog last week. Have a wonderful, and hopefully pain free, week. šŸ™‚

    1. Kristen Burns

      I think now it might be not carpal but something similar, and rest might be the only thing that’ll help :-/ Unfortunately it seems even my normal, everyday things keep aggravating it. Thank you though šŸ™‚

  14. Barb (boxermommyreads)

    Hope you heal quickly. What an awful time to have problems – around the holidays. I’ll be looking out for your cover characteristics and can’t wait to see what you post this time around. Also hope the water pressure is fixed soon!

  15. Bookworm Brandee

    What?!? You’re TOO YOUNG for carpal tunnel!! I certainly hope your wrist is better soon, Kristen. That stinks! And being sleep deprived and deprived of a decent shower doesn’t help. Fingers crossed that everything is resolved SOON!
    Oh, and I’m going to check out A Face Without a Heart because a Dorian Grey retelling? That’s fantastic. šŸ˜€

    1. Kristen Burns

      Whoever failed to send my body the memo that I’m too young for health problems needs to be fired immediately lol. But thank you šŸ™‚ And you’re right, the sleep deprivation and difficult showers and extra stress from this fiasco the plumbing problem has turned into are not helping me heal -_-

  16. Jessica

    My mother had carpal tunnel many years ago. Not from computer work, but from working in the textile mill. She had surgery on her wrists. Sometimes they still hurt her. To prevent it is to do some wrist exercises and takes breaks.
    I’m almost through with Burnt Offerings.

  17. Aika

    I feel the same on my right wrist as I’ve been using computers for my work. But I hope it’s nothing serious. I wish for your fast recovery.