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In honor of spooky season, I decided to gather up some book covers with skeletons! If you regularly follow my blog, you may have seen a lot of these already, since I’m using a bunch of books I’ve read and a couple that I’ve used in other cover posts, like this Halloween Book Covers Tag, but there are a few new ones as well.

There are lots of hand bones and skulls, but also a few full skeletons. I even put in the effort to find a sensual skeleton for you all šŸ˜›

I’ll link the cover images to their Amazon US pages so that you can see them bigger if you want or buy them if you’re interested. (Using my affiliate links would help me make a bit of money, at no additional cost to you!)

Anyway, enjoy!

Summer Sons by Lee MandeloHarrow the Ninth by Tamsyn MuirThe Shotgun Arcana by R.S. BelcherSomeone to Share My Nightmares by Sonara TaylorThe Seventh Mansion by Maryse MeijerCadaver & Queen by Alisa KwitneyBoys of Alabama by Genevieve HudsonDead Boys by Gabriel SquailiaBrazen by Kelley ArmstrongThat Dark Infinity by Kate Pentecost

So many of these are so amazing that I don’t even think I can pick a favorite. My favorites overall are Summer Sons, Harrow the Ninth, and That Dark Infinity. And I’ve always found the Someone to Share My Nightmares cover oddly compelling; he really is holding that skeleton so tenderly. But there is great art and/or eye-catching design on all of these. And there’s something about bones and plants that just go together so well, isn’t there? I mean, four of these covers have gone with that look.

This post is about the covers, buuuut, if you want some reading recs, I have to mention that Summer Sons is a fantastic book and one of my favorites of the year, with its messy queer characters, ghostly mystery, and sexual tension. I’ve also enjoyed Harrow the Ninth (queer sci-fi with necromancers, Gideon the Ninth is the 1st book), The Shotgun Arcana (Weird West with a whole cast of characters, The Six-Gun Tarot is the 1st book), Cadaver & Queen (sort of Frankenstein retelling), and Boys of Alabama (kind of queer coming-of-age literary fiction with a bit of supernatural). Dead Boys wasn’t quite for me, but it was an interesting take on the afterlife, and I haven’t read the other four, though I do really want to try The Seventh Mansion and possibly some of the others.

Let me know your favorite covers here, or if you know of any other great skeleton covers, or if you’ve loved any of these books!


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  1. Greg

    I like Shotgun Arcana especially since I’ve read part of that series. Alabama is nice- i like the green- and Brazen also. Boys of alabama might be my favorite

  2. Angela

    I haven’t come across a lot of covers with skulls on them, so thanks for sharing these! That Dark Infinity really has a gorgeous cover!

  3. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    I do love the Harrow the Ninth cover, it’s cool even if I don’t know if it reflects the vibes of the book. Shotgun Arcana has me about ready to buy the book, I don’t even need to read what it’s about it just grabs your attention. And I agree, I like That Dark Infinity cover, it’s the flowers that do it.