Book Review: Dryad’s Vine (Wyrd Love Book 3) by Cynthia Diamond [Audiobook]

When a naked and scared werewolf, who just happens to be an old friend and lover, crashes into Phoebe's house while her sisters are away, she's determined to handle the problem on her own. With a troll bounty hunter and a team of dryads after them, not to mention the werewolf powers Harry doesn't know how to control, they might be in over their heads, but sometimes help comes from unexpected places.

Book Cover - Siren's Song by Cynthia Diamond
Title: Dryad's Vine
Book Number: Book 3
Pages: 384
My Rating: 3.5 Stars
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This was the last book in this series about the Constance sisters (though not the last book in general), and it was another fun, cute paranormal romance.

I’ll start by mentioning my one big complaint which is that Phoebe has come across very young, immature, and childlike in her actions and dialogue throughout this entire series, more like a 13-year-old than a 27-year-old, and that didn’t really change in this book, even upon getting her POV. Her actions to prove that she could handle herself often just proved the opposite. I understand that her sisters were overbearing and so she didn’t want them to swoop in and take over, but lying to them when she was in a dangerous situation and in way over her head and needed help from people who had more experience with the supernatural was not a smart decision. It was also kind of jarring to have her go from saying, “Ewwww!” any time her sisters even mentioned sex to suddenly having a bunch of sex herself.

What I liked about Phoebe though was that she was also just sort of weird and awkward, and Harry was sometimes too, and that made them a cute couple. They did suit each other. And it was kind of a second chance romance, since they had been friends in high school and slept together once in college, but then Harry ran off before she woke up, and they hadn’t spoken since.

Speaking of Harry, I felt terrible for him. Of all the characters in this series so far, he pulled on my heart strings the most. Grew up with a shitty family. Got kidnapped and tortured. Lost years of his life in the fae realm. Found out he was a werewolf. (Don’t worry, none of these are spoilers.) But all that sadness only made the happiness that much better when things started getting better for him.

Another thing I really liked about this one was the cute, touching family element. All the books have had a bit of family since the sisters are close, despite their struggles, but this one had the sister stuff, the sisters’ growing family now that each one has a partner (and one has a baby), and family stuff on Harry’s side. You even get to find out some about Phoebe’s birth family.

And of course I liked the supernaturals! I love that this author chose to step away from the super common supernaturals that you normally find in PNR for this series. This time it was a dryad (who could control plants and communicate with animals) and a werewolf (who could, you know, do werewolf things). I know, you’re thinking werewolves aren’t uncommon, but these weren’t the kind that just shift between a human form and a wolf form, they were the kind that shift into a big, hairy man-beast form (at least, as far as I understood).

The audiobook narration by Michael Ferraiuolo was great again. He sounded natural and realistic, adding in extra emotion and acting where necessary. Characters were easy to tell apart because Ferraiuolo is great at doing different voices. He’s also good at female voices, making them sound feminine without sacrificing the natural quality of his narration. And I felt all the voices suited the characters.

Overall, this was another fun book! It was a bit silly and romance tropey at times, but these two made a cute couple, there were some touching family moments, the supernaturals and their powers were cool, and I enjoyed the book.

*Even though each book in this series focuses on different characters, I recommend reading them in order, or you might be lost in regards to some plot elements and character/relationship backgrounds.*

*Rating: 3.5 Stars // Read Date: 2020 // Format: Audiobook*


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  1. Greg

    Ooh a werewolf and dryad? Nice. Where are all the dryads? Glad you found one haha. I love that kind of werewolf too, as I’ve said before that feels to me more like a “werewolf” than just a wolf shifter. The transformation thingie.