Book Review: Steel & Stone Companion Collection (Steel & Stone Book 6) by Annette Marie

Ash, the terrifying Draconian, and Lyre, the playful yet cunning incubus, were by Piper's side throughout the entire Steel & Stone series ever since the night everything went wrong and they accused of stealing the Sahar. But Ash and Lyre were loyal friends to each other for a long time before that, and each had their own secrets and experiences. This book gives a glimpse into their minds with scenes from throughout the series told through their POVs.

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Title: Steel & Stone Companion Collection
Book Number: Book 6
Pages: 290
My Rating: 4.5 Stars
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Often times companion novels that give you a glimpse into a non-POV character’s POV end up being a disappointment for me. But this? This was great! It had been over a year and a half since I finished the series, but I was able to sink right back into it, reliving the scenes without any problem (though it probably helped that I read the summaries I have of all the books before reading this).

And Ash’s and Lyre’s POVs were so interesting! Not only was it cool getting to see their thoughts, there were also little bits of information about them and sometimes things going on that Piper didn’t know about. Lyre especially is just… wow. He’s so interesting and skilled and intense. I loved his POV the best, and I loved seeing him in action in the fight/battle scenes, and I’m normally not a big fan of fight scenes. But I loved his emotional moments too.

I also loved getting to see Ash and Lyre’s friendship more. They were, apparently, always so much more in tune with each other than I realized. Like, they were always exchanging glances and sensing things about each other and working together. They knew each other, probably more than anyone else did, and were loyal to each other.

This book also brought home the point that the daemons aren’t human. Lyre and Ash kept trying to explain that to Piper, but I can understand why she didn’t understand that since apparently I didn’t either. Actually experiencing the shading, the instinct, the animalistic rage, the possessiveness, etc. from the POVs of Ash and Lyre was entirely different from just seeing them shade from Piper’s POV. It was interesting. Also interesting was getting to know more about the real Ash and Lyre—the sides of themselves they didn’t readily show to Piper. Like, even when not shaded, those two are fucking deadly.

And of course I loved the stuff about Zwi, haha. I never really thought about what the dragonets might be like when they communicated with the Draconians, and it was adorable/hilarious. Zwi is the best. I love how much Ash loves her and she him.

There was other funny stuff too, *SPOILER* like when Ash needed to distract Miysis and the Ra daemons while Zwi stole the Sahar, but he hadn’t planned anything, so he just punched Miysis in the face, and then, when Miysis confusedly asked why he did that, Ash just said some vague, cryptic things about how Miysis knew what that was for (even though there literally was no reason). Or the way the water dragons befriended Ash and he ended up having a big dragon slumber party with them. *END SPOILER*

This book also made me sad though. *SPOILER* After finishing the final book, I felt like the ending was bittersweet not just because of how Piper and Ash were separating temporarily but because of how Lyre was going off on his own too. I wondered if Lyre had other friends, and I felt like he seemed to have a lonely life. This book, somewhat unfortunately, confirmed that I was right—he is lonely. I always liked Lyre, and he only grew on me more and more as the series went on, so I feel bad for him. *END SPOILER* This isn’t a complaint about the book/series though—it’s realistic, I don’t think everything in books needs to be happy, and the fact that I feel for a character this much means he was well-written.

So overall this was fun, funny, interesting, emotional, and absolutely worthwhile addition to the series!


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  1. verushka

    I am always cautious with companion novels showing a different POV on the same thing I’ve read in someone else’s POV. I’m impressed with how many new things this brought to the story for you, though. Great review!

  2. Becky @ A Fool's Ingenuity

    I’m the same with companion novels. I’m never as invested in them and end up getting bored so glad to hear this one worked out well for you for once. And it’s brilliant that the new perspective helped reiterate a point in the book you hadn’t fully grasped before. Sometimes the different POV is exactly what you need to understand the world.

  3. Wattle

    It can be so cool to get a POV from a character you know, but don’t really (unless it’s poorly executed). It sounds like it was an enlightening experience in this case 🙂

  4. Di @ Book Reviews by Di


    I have just finished S&S and this is on my 1-Click list although for some reason Amazon isn’t loving my credit card for this one. :s I’ll try again! Maybe it’s the universe trying to tell me something (like… GO AND READ REVIEW COPIES!!!) but meh, you know! Sometimes you just have to read what you have to read! 🙂 Plus… I have at least 3 more days before deadlines loom. 🙂

    Lyre was a pretty incredible character in S&S and I LOVED him in The Night Realm (can’t wait for that review!!!!!!!). I just want to know so much more about him, Ash, Zwi, this world! There actually needs to be a companion sequel series! Another Lyre series would be great, with glimpses of Ash and Piper…

    Okay, so now you’ve made me determined to buy this book and read it immediately. Whoops. Annette Marie is messing up my reading schedule AGAIN! 🙂 With help from you!

    Awesome review!! And great job on getting me to hit the BUY button. 🙂

    1. Kristen Burns

      Yes, sometimes you just gotta go with your reading mood! I’m also going w/ my mood atm despite having some review copies I should prob read instead lol.

      Lyre was amazing in S&S, though I imagine it was a diff experience for you since you read Night Realm first and already knew a lot about him. Reading S&S first, I didn’t realize until later in the series how intelligent and skilled and mysterious he was. But seriously, after Spell Weaver, I’m SO gonna want a series that shows Lyre *after* the events of S&S. You’re gonna love Zwi in this though, haha.

      Can’t wait to hear what you think!!!

      1. Di @ Book Reviews by Di

        OMG! I just opened the companion book and!!! In the foreword ;

        I’ll also be returning to their world once more in an upcoming Steel & Stone sequel that will continue storylines from both series— bringing Ash, Lyre, and Piper together again.


        Had to rush here to let you know. ?

        1. Kristen Burns

          Oh I read that and must’ve just forgotten or something lol. But yay! Honestly I’m more interested in knowing what happens to Lyre after S&S cuz Piper and Ash have each other, but what about poor Lyre?! 🙁

      2. Di @ Book Reviews by Di

        Oh! And yes! I think it was totally different. I was already so into Lyre and had far more insight into his character. Not a bad way to go about it though to be honest but I would have enjoyed either way. I’m not sad I did the Night Realm ARC first, because that’s what really pushed me into S&S and I’d had Chase the Dark purchased ages ago and just hadn’t got around to reading it!

        1. Kristen Burns

          I agree, I think it can be read in either order. I’m actually glad I read S&S first cuz I enjoyed getting to know Lyre more as the series went on. The fact that we’re both happy we read a diff one first just shows that either way works lol.

  5. Olivia Roach

    I’m always up for companion novels where we get a different point of view but most times I end up disappointed or feeling like they were either too short or not adding anything new to the book. But it sounds like this one did everything spectacularly and how a companion novel should really be! It’s especially great that after all the time after finishing this novel you could still sink right back into the flow of the world and story. And it sounds like great insight to the different relationships but also type of characters and what that really includes!

    1. Kristen Burns

      Exactly, I almost didn’t bother to buy this because I figured it’d be a disappointment, but this was exactly what companion novels should be! It really did add so much insight.